Wednesday, January 30, 2008

it's so suffering. i in the CNY mood already, yet there is nothing much for me to celebrate.nothing is looking forward for this CNY, but just a proper rest.
but actually deep inside my heart, i was affected by the resignation of my colleagues.
People resign, while you still staying with MR. maybe i have the thinking of people run, i also want to run.
on other hand, my manager last day will be this thursday. im was greatly talks about him in front of my friend, while actually i never deal with him often.
i was thinking how im going to shape my future? Should i go into the Big Four? at least for 1 year. should i just stay with MR for another year to gain 3 years experience. Should i find another exit for me. Should i joined back to small firm? Should i re-apply for the Sime Darby Internal Audit? Should i start to find part time income? since the opportunity is open.
how i can be so slack? being slack in works is no good. i lost my motivation. Dead body walking on the street.
people resigned, where they heading to? for study for rest for?
there is nothing that's suite my objectives. Guess, im regret did not apply the Group Accountant for the SimeDarby post which Tze Mun forwarded the e-mail.
11.45am i have finished drafting the account. now still left some minor figures that need to be calculate to complete the account.
my heart feel so heavy. dont know why, and feel not good with this.
8.06pmim finished early.
i finished drafting account. pending throw back to office. but tomolo and thursday wont back to office. but then Friday is public holiday for KL. if i did not throw back to office tomolo or Thursday, my account will not come out on time.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Damm sien.
Recently always sien.
Rushing for accounts sien
Rushing for files sien
Rushing for management sien

Today been waiting for the management accounts. But seems the progress is slow.
Cash and bank balances also not yet done. Bank Reconciliation is still doing.


So draw up the account.

Wondering how im going to survive for the coming weeks before Chinese New Year.

Client rushing for accounts.

Guess Peak is come, while im not realising it..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

23 January 2008

Today is Public holiday for the Thaipusum...

it was annouced by the PM few days before that, so we wilayah got the extra holiday off.
too but, my job as an auditor din allowed me to enjoy this holiday.

just another normal day of working. back to office to continue my works. and also worrying about the files...

sigh, something is wrong with me...

Monday, January 21, 2008


i dun know how to handle this.

Peak is coming... Peak is here...

Today found out something that's un-pleasure thing.

Here and there is rushing...

How im going to handle this...

Last weekend, my trusted detailing car wash shop was closed since he is going to Pangkor vocation... din wash my car...

dirty and ugly my car... :(

Yesterday Sunday, in teori, i should be working until night, but im too hungry i was left at 7.00pm.

sigh... peak is here, yet im not yet feel it as my management account is not yet out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


sometime i feel like im being left out...
dont know why...

that's where i joined myviclub, kokorobox, low yat forum to spend my time to find where im belongs.

too bad, they are not sufficient.

i missing something out there...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

10 January 2008

today, a public holiday.
no works, no need to back to office but have to works at home.
bring the files back home...

anyways, in the early of the morning, i went to Gym with my friend.
my friend is a member of Clark Hatch Fitness Centre at Crown Plaza Hotel beside the Wisma Genting. 1st time going to this kind of gym. Previously never went to any gym before even the Fitness First where all my colleague is going...

in this gym session, my friend teach me how to use the machine... each machine got their own purpose on which part to train.

i thinks im start to loving it...

after gym, we have sauna for about 10 min. can not sit inside the sauna for too long... after that come out rest a while to cool down, then masuk to STREAM BATH...

wow... first time go into the stream bath room... whole room is stream... really sweating a lots... inside we also can not sit too long just for 5 min. but within 5 min, whole body sweating...

then after tht, after cool down, take bath.

for the breakfast aka lunch, originally, we plan to have sandwich at ChuLan Sqaure which is opposite the Pavilion, whose know it's closed today. We ended up have eat sandwich at Starbuck Pavilion.
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