Wednesday, January 30, 2008

it's so suffering. i in the CNY mood already, yet there is nothing much for me to celebrate.nothing is looking forward for this CNY, but just a proper rest.
but actually deep inside my heart, i was affected by the resignation of my colleagues.
People resign, while you still staying with MR. maybe i have the thinking of people run, i also want to run.
on other hand, my manager last day will be this thursday. im was greatly talks about him in front of my friend, while actually i never deal with him often.
i was thinking how im going to shape my future? Should i go into the Big Four? at least for 1 year. should i just stay with MR for another year to gain 3 years experience. Should i find another exit for me. Should i joined back to small firm? Should i re-apply for the Sime Darby Internal Audit? Should i start to find part time income? since the opportunity is open.
how i can be so slack? being slack in works is no good. i lost my motivation. Dead body walking on the street.
people resigned, where they heading to? for study for rest for?
there is nothing that's suite my objectives. Guess, im regret did not apply the Group Accountant for the SimeDarby post which Tze Mun forwarded the e-mail.
11.45am i have finished drafting the account. now still left some minor figures that need to be calculate to complete the account.
my heart feel so heavy. dont know why, and feel not good with this.
8.06pmim finished early.
i finished drafting account. pending throw back to office. but tomolo and thursday wont back to office. but then Friday is public holiday for KL. if i did not throw back to office tomolo or Thursday, my account will not come out on time.

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