Thursday, July 31, 2008

Red Cliff

Yesterday brought online the Red Cliff movie ticket for GSC One Utama at 9.15pm.

it's was a 2 hours plus movie and the cinema is full house. i managed to get last row of the seat.

im just enjoy the strategy part, but most of the movie is showing blood every where.

anyways, im looking forward for the part 2.


last night, when i went to collect my ticket, i saw there is a premier for The Mummy latest movie. this kind of FREE movie + few hours Premier redemption ticket activities remind of me last time where im always go for the FREE movie.

Dont know where, and how they get the information about redemption tickets. guess im not the fan of galexic magazine anymore.

MPH One Utama

last night i was went to MPH One Utama to looks for 1 chinese book.

all this while, i never come accross the Chinese corner section of the Chinese book in the MPH.

most of the time i went there is heading to travelling sections, to read the lonly planet travelling in any country, and also finance text book to see the latest update of the taxation book by Chong Kwai Fatt.

walking around, looking every where, when im wanted to leave, i notice got 1 section which im never walk to. oh, chinese books section is there. omg, it's damm bloody small section if compared with the MPH Midvalley. the book i wanted to find also not available. have to go back to Midvalley to get it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

today, so stress.

stress.... stress whole day.

just now saw my friend's blog. She tooks my post and now is my turn to took her post. below is her contain:

This morning as usual.. going to office together with my bf and as and when our car pass by UOA damansara, I was looking around and saw someone walking towards the passenger bridge nearby… and I saw someone who looks like xxx xxx…

"Then I fast fast told my bf… eh I think I saw xxx xxx…. (what in a coincidence I think I was just talking about him with my bf… saying he now working in a Japanese construction company… bla.. bla.. bla…)

Then my first reaction is to pick up the phone to call him. But my speed is a bit slow cos I have to type in the letter C to find his number….And the above conversation was held."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aviation Sealant

Aviation Sealant.

For more than 10 months of testing and experimenting with all types of car paint finish coatings (such as VPS, Diamondbrite, Fireglaze, MMC, Sonax, etc etc, etc), I have applied these prdts using the mftrs method, various other methods and even combining them with other prdts.

During this lengthy process, I have noted the following:

1. The appearance of the paint finish after applying these stuff.
2. Durability of the coating
3. Water beading and water sheeting abilities
4. Car owner's feedback
5. Presence of staining (bugs, birdshit, tree sap etc etc) after application

Each one had its own pros and cons.
But after talking to coatings customers, and looking at their cars, there was one shocking thing in common.....

After 1 or 2 Months, Most Coated Cars Tended To Look Like Crap because:

1. Most owners think coatings are a sort of superior "armour" from almost everything.
2. Most owners think they can wash less. In fact, many of them have never been really interested in washing their cars often . Once a week wash was most common and this is simply not enough.
3. Most of them have never been knowledgable in detailing processes and whatever they knew, was mainly from the Net!

Yes, the glamorous coating might still be on your paint finish after 4 mths. But, by that time, your black or dark coloured car would already be rough, and full of fine scratches caused by improper washing, birdshit stains, tree sap stains, bug splatter stain and all kinds of water marks. So what's the use of still having the layer of coating on your paint, when the car already looks like crap???

If you try to remove these problems, the coating will definitely be removed. Any replenishment treatments may not look as good as the 1st treatment.


A lower priced alternative that will last is high-tech sealants.

After all the experimentation and testing above, I have found a sealant that performs much better than carnaubas, gives a realistic 4mth protection, and does not use any bombastic claims.

Most importantly, it can be priced slightly lower than coatings, and it is more practical and realistic because by the time 4mths comes up, it's time to re-detail. Most importantly, it is used primarily in the aviation and marine industry (luxury yachts, to safeguard against water marks).

Frequent re-detailing is the ONLY way to ensure a consistently smooth, glossy and protected vehicle.


What's so special about using the aviation sealant?

1. Glossiness is achieved through many rounds of compounding. Aviation sealant (1 or more layers) is/are applied on top for maximum refractive index and protection.

2. Sealant is actually a protective, anti-stain coating applied to plane body and jet turbine housing.

3. Lasts generally for (4-6mths max) without re-application. This is more realistic than the claims made by other automotive coatings.

4. Even if your car gathers lots of scratches, you can easily remove these scratches (which will remove the sealant, of course) but you won't feel so sakit hati because this aviation sealant service is less expensive that the usual coatings. As this sealant is used by the aviation industry, and P Detailer's trademark product, I am not able to divulge it's name, as this was agreed with the manufacturer since I'll be using it on cars. We've applied this on many customers cars, and have had superb feedback from their owners.

Source: 8th Gen Civic Club

oh, finaly come accross this post from somewhere else. it's looks so tempting. not sure whether my car can apply this sealant or not.

Monday, July 28, 2008



Its was a normal day on Friday. im went to office as normal, everything is normal.
spamming in the low yat chinese thread, greeting inside.

somehow, something is trigger my interest. the topic for that morning is so hot, everyone is chasing for it, playing for it. so im joining them in the race.

Genting @ 26 July 2008

it was our countless Low Yat Forum Late Night Thread outing gathering to Genting One Day Trip. The organiser do not know why decided to take off at 5.00am.

on 26 July 2008, i wake up at 3.45am and 4.00am come out to another friend house meeting point.

after all the people arrived, eights of us, two cars, tooks off heading to Genting at 5.35am. im feel awake on the ways up. enjoying the corners.

when we were at the top, it's was 6.30am. OMG... so early. our planning is to have Breakfast buffet. but appearing that the buffet is not nice as im expected. Perhaps it's Genting, everything is expensive compared with the ground. Anyways, im enjoy have the breakfast with other members.

after had our breakfast, OMG, i cant stand anymore. im feel so sleepy.

1 whole day we spend in the Genting. we come down about 4.00pm.

J Co's Sunway

yesterday brought half dozen of J Co donuts from Sunway Piramid. i have the same expectation from J co as the J co Pavilion.

normally when brought, there are some nice smell from the donuts, but the donuts i brought does not have this smell.

i thinks im better stick with J Co's Pavilion.


Some how i hate the parking payment machine of Sunway Piramid and KLCC.
the change are in 50 cents coins.

imaging, paid RM3 with RM10 notes, returning RM7 of 50cents coins.
making my pocket heavier.

Sigh. this also same to the KLCC.

Yesterday i went to Sunway Piramid for COD and visiting the career fair at the same time. i thinks this is my second time coming to Sunway Piramid, since they newly opened the new wing.

The parking information system is great. Red light showing the parking lots is un-available while green lights show parking lot available. im just loving it. this making find a parking is easier there.

While KLCC parking got nothing improve. no any system information. Maybe KLCC is too high class to do so.

While Midvalley is much better than KLCC but not good enough compared with Sunway Piramid. Midvalley parking information system got showing the number of parking lots available in each zone. That day, Jasco member day, the information is abit mis-leading. im just trying my luck to find the parking lots.

almost of the shopping complex parking i have mention, why i never complain about One Utama? i thinks im most likes the One Utama parking because of the rate. RM1.00 for the first 5 or 6 hours. never been paying more than RM1.00. haha... most recently i never go to One Utama during weekend, the frequent day is on Wednesday. the Free Parking Day.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kena Stalked II

Again, this morning, un-expected kena stalked again. this time, my friend did not call me, but sms me.

i notice this week, im always sleep at 1am and wake up at 6.30am, the time that's just enough for me to prepapre and go out without taking my breakfast - nescafe with oat.

instead, i go to foodcourt buy mihun back to office and eat. after that use office powder to make nescafe. 1 small tea spoon of classic nescafe + 2 tea spoon of coffeemate + half tea spoon of sugar. Yummy. haha.

Jasco Member Day

Yesterday is Midvalley Jasco Member Day. - 24 Julai 2008 Thursday

im planning heading to there after works since from my office to Midvalley is only need about 10 minutes journey, provided leaves before 5.30pm.

as expected, the midvalley will be terible jam. lucky i tooks the ring road and avoided the jam. i turn into Zone C and within few minutes i managed to find my parking. so lucky, the person is leave, and i saw her. hehe...

my plan for the shopping is buy non-stick frying pan and a knift. The 1 i have in home is from IKEA and i found it's not really good for cooking although it's also non-stick. just after cook, the taste is different.

OMG... the people is expected to be so many. So many people until the whole Jasco is HOT. im feeling abit dizzy when walking around. people is every where fighting for the cheaps goods.

walked to kitchen sections, see all the frying pan. some no discount. sigh.. some got discount, but it's not what i want. so i left and go to Carrefour see see around. then continue with MetroJaya.

wow, i can feel MetroJaya so COOL. no people. *sweat... i compare the prices between Jasco and Metrojaya and found tht it's about the same. Different by RM1.00. without notice, i notice one of the pan is cheaper than another 1 which is also the same type and model. so i compare the price tag number, it's also the same model, just the pricing much lower. thinks once, thinks twice, thinks third time, i decided to get the pan. haha...

The knift is same price as Carrefour and Jasco got 10% discount. i line up for about 20 minutes to reach my turn to pay the money for it.

end result for the day, a knift from Jasco and a pan from Metrojaya.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kena Stalked

Today, Thursday.

Today, adjust my clock to ring at 6.00am, yet im only wake up at 6.30am.

it's just another ordinary usual day - Thursday.

Go to office at works at 7.00am as usual. reached the parking building around 7.28am, then walks to my office. As im listening to MP3 with my handphone w610i, the music is stopped. how come no next song coming out???

after few second, i can sense my handphone vibration, oh is her. how come so suddenly called me on this early in the morning???

me: Helo?
Her: you walking to office now?
me: Yes? why? you at my back?
Her: i see you just now!
me: wah, you pay attention to people who walking at the roadside 1 ar? Respect Respect.
Her: no la, i saw some1 who looks familiar like you ma. haha.

Friday, July 18, 2008


last weeks, my Singapore landlord sent an email to me.

it's a sad news. he want to increase rental. it's increase on everything. heart pain. i feel so pain specially im recently staying alone in the master room. Master Room heavy portion.

just now i have re-calculate all my rental expenses and it's shoot up to RM500. argh.

die die die.
save. save. save.
cut. cut. cut.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bak Kut Teh

last Saturday, i have BKT (Bak Kut Teh) breakfast with friend at Klang in the early morning of 8.00am. The taste is normal compare the previous 1 which i have with my myviclub member.

Bak Kut Teh
Fried Pork
the bill. freaky expensive
the vege
this is why it's freaking expensive.

each time thinks about BKT, im always 1st thinks of Klang. Port Klang / Klang.
actually nearby my house area got 1 BKT also. it's always got people inside eating and sometime it's full house. Maybe one day i will go there and tapao back home to eat.
perhaps as diner not breakfast.

6,000 marks

6,000 marks.

yes i have breaking the 6,000 post today in the low yat net forum.

it since February 2006 when im first register with the forum.
***alamak how come my print screen pictures become so cacat 1.***


since last week, i do not know why im suddenly got the interest to watch movie on that day.

it's is Movie Day. the movie ticket is only cost RM7.00 compared to normal price of RM10.00 or RM11.00.

Last week watched Wanted, yesterday watched Hell Boy II.

it's was quite an enjoyable movie. the fun, and the fights.

just that im watching alone. can watch anytime, any movie, any place.

still i find One Utama is my favourite cinema. maybe in future will move to nearby there. haha.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Rakuzen @ Chulan Square.

it's a sushi buffet
it's the first kind of buffet that im ever enjoy it.

i just only sit there and order. unlikes other where i have to take it myself.

it's was Low Yat Forum Chinese Thread gathering which organised by Shalong who coming from Penang to enjoy her food in KL kaw kaw.

We (me and another friend) reached there about 11.45am and saw another forumer with his so called "friend" standing outside and looks at the menu but he did not joining us. so we two go in and have seat first.

Another friend is arrived after few minutes we seated. we were hungry, so without hesitate, we asked the waiter whether is the food can be served. it's about 12.05pm, and she said Yes. so we start to order. As three of us were first time here, we just order few plates each time to start enjoy our sushi.

1st round order, finished.
2nd round of order,
3rd round
4th round
5th round
6th, 7th, 8th... and continue

each round we just order few plates. the waiter from very warm's service become cool service.

we have been eating for 1 hours, then only come our organizer who only come out from her place at sg buloh at 12pm. she with another 2 guys. then there we go, start ordering again.

it's was enjoyable.

now have to recharge, waiting for the next gathering at Jogoya.

Gift from Japan

Last month, my big big boss was back to Japan for 1 week.

when he back, he gave us some little gift. its actually a sweet. it's so cute.

left only the wrapper after i have ate it.
oh, btw, my big big boss is going back to Japan again.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today, it's been 3 weeks to 1 month i did not go to Kota Damansara for car wash.
it's because something is happened to my friend shop there.

the authority is "making visit" to his shop and said this and that. According to him, basically all the areas, shop is not allowed for car wash, only petrol station is allowed.

anyways, while my car is washing, i have chit chat with my sifu as usual.

talks, talks, talks...
then suddenly come across about Modification or "Mod" which frequently used in forum.
people nowadays already mis-use / abuse the Mod wording.

Pivot, lighten crank pulley, open pod air filter, strut bar, whatever bar, BOT, body kits, sticker, and the etc etc... all this is accesories.

while the true meaning "modification" is those technical staff. changing pistol, change engin, do inside the engin, change wheel thing.

Friday, July 11, 2008


i watched this movie on Wednesday 6.45pm show at One Utama alone.
so suddenly thinks of want to watch movie so during office hours, i brought the ticket.

it's RM7.50, include 50cents service charge payment via credit card. Yeah, it's Wednesday. cheaper rate to watch movie.
it's Free of Charge for the One Utama parking on Wednesday as well.

the movie started with the scene of an Accountant the main character. Eh, is it sound like what im doing now?
chasing the date line and finishing the report. a fixed place.

argh... it is abit same as what im doing now.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Saman III

how do i got myself a saman on the spot?

this question many people got asked me and initially i feel shy to tell every1. i tooks some times then only tell people around me.

it was June 17, Tuesday.
it's was a fine day. nothing much busy with.

so i thought of want to get my RM625 rebates which im entitle for it. at first, i was went to Carrefour's post office and found that the form is out-of stock. then im suddenly thinks of going Tmn Melawati post office.

from Carrefour to tmn melawati, there are few ways to there. i tooks the kampung road, small road to there. whose know im tooks the wrong turn and have to drive a much farer route and i finally managed to find my way to reach there.

im feels like im so bad luck today. i feel wired and not easy in my heart. something is keep bothering me. Yet im still continue claims my rebates.

6.45pm reached there, pressed number and filled in the form.
waited around 10 minutes and it's my turn.
it's just a 2 minutes process and i got my RM625 claims.

while on my way back, i tooks the opposite directions to exit the taman, and this taman got a lots of ONE WAY. i thought last time people use opposite directions to get fast exit, and im just do what im thinks.

un-fortunely, when the time im come out from junctions, i met with police car. we both stopped for a while. i never thinks twice, i thought the police car is giving me way and let me pass, so im just continue my opposite directions. whose know after im passing the police car, the police car is chasing me. then i kena block and kena asked to follow them back to Police Station, which is so ngam just about 100 meters aways.

then when there, im only found out that the policeman is out-of saman books. he searching high and low in his own car, and other police cars as well. finally, he called another police car to come back to bring him saman. i was like, WTF, WTH... standing there like stupid people, waiting the police to give me saman for about 20 minutes in front of Police Station.

after standing like stupid people there for so long, finally the police car have back and the policeman got his saman to write to me.

First time kena saman, my mind was blanks. i cant thinks of anythings. i just wanted to go back home fast. i was nervours, afraid, and many more. im was thinks so much planning for my RM625, and it's suddenly gone.

today just now, checked online on my saman, and it's finally posted online. i have been checking online to see when my saman will appear online, so that my another fren can helps me pay online, which he said got discount.

the offence originally cost RM300, and the website showing it's offered RM100 to settle and finally the final amount correspondence with the recent annoucement of 50% reductions which im enligible for it, is RM50.

now each time i see police car, i make sure myself did not offence any traffic rules.

im a good driver now who learnt it's own mistake.


this few days, small mistakes keep happening.

it's either the documents given is wrong, or no signatures by the sites office person in charge.

this required a very details checking and im not aware of the procedures.

i guess, it's an trail and error learning process.
sometimes, im just overlooks the things.

just now, checked online, i found my saman already posted online.
the fine initially is RM300, then Offered amount is RM100, then final amount is RM50.

guess the 50% discount is applicable to my saman.
im now still waiting for my myviclub buddy to settle for me.
hope he got the time. else i really have to go settle myself.
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