Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kena Stalked

Today, Thursday.

Today, adjust my clock to ring at 6.00am, yet im only wake up at 6.30am.

it's just another ordinary usual day - Thursday.

Go to office at works at 7.00am as usual. reached the parking building around 7.28am, then walks to my office. As im listening to MP3 with my handphone w610i, the music is stopped. how come no next song coming out???

after few second, i can sense my handphone vibration, oh is her. how come so suddenly called me on this early in the morning???

me: Helo?
Her: you walking to office now?
me: Yes? why? you at my back?
Her: i see you just now!
me: wah, you pay attention to people who walking at the roadside 1 ar? Respect Respect.
Her: no la, i saw some1 who looks familiar like you ma. haha.

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