Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Saman III

how do i got myself a saman on the spot?

this question many people got asked me and initially i feel shy to tell every1. i tooks some times then only tell people around me.

it was June 17, Tuesday.
it's was a fine day. nothing much busy with.

so i thought of want to get my RM625 rebates which im entitle for it. at first, i was went to Carrefour's post office and found that the form is out-of stock. then im suddenly thinks of going Tmn Melawati post office.

from Carrefour to tmn melawati, there are few ways to there. i tooks the kampung road, small road to there. whose know im tooks the wrong turn and have to drive a much farer route and i finally managed to find my way to reach there.

im feels like im so bad luck today. i feel wired and not easy in my heart. something is keep bothering me. Yet im still continue claims my rebates.

6.45pm reached there, pressed number and filled in the form.
waited around 10 minutes and it's my turn.
it's just a 2 minutes process and i got my RM625 claims.

while on my way back, i tooks the opposite directions to exit the taman, and this taman got a lots of ONE WAY. i thought last time people use opposite directions to get fast exit, and im just do what im thinks.

un-fortunely, when the time im come out from junctions, i met with police car. we both stopped for a while. i never thinks twice, i thought the police car is giving me way and let me pass, so im just continue my opposite directions. whose know after im passing the police car, the police car is chasing me. then i kena block and kena asked to follow them back to Police Station, which is so ngam just about 100 meters aways.

then when there, im only found out that the policeman is out-of saman books. he searching high and low in his own car, and other police cars as well. finally, he called another police car to come back to bring him saman. i was like, WTF, WTH... standing there like stupid people, waiting the police to give me saman for about 20 minutes in front of Police Station.

after standing like stupid people there for so long, finally the police car have back and the policeman got his saman to write to me.

First time kena saman, my mind was blanks. i cant thinks of anythings. i just wanted to go back home fast. i was nervours, afraid, and many more. im was thinks so much planning for my RM625, and it's suddenly gone.

today just now, checked online on my saman, and it's finally posted online. i have been checking online to see when my saman will appear online, so that my another fren can helps me pay online, which he said got discount.

the offence originally cost RM300, and the website showing it's offered RM100 to settle and finally the final amount correspondence with the recent annoucement of 50% reductions which im enligible for it, is RM50.

now each time i see police car, i make sure myself did not offence any traffic rules.

im a good driver now who learnt it's own mistake.

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