Friday, July 25, 2008

Jasco Member Day

Yesterday is Midvalley Jasco Member Day. - 24 Julai 2008 Thursday

im planning heading to there after works since from my office to Midvalley is only need about 10 minutes journey, provided leaves before 5.30pm.

as expected, the midvalley will be terible jam. lucky i tooks the ring road and avoided the jam. i turn into Zone C and within few minutes i managed to find my parking. so lucky, the person is leave, and i saw her. hehe...

my plan for the shopping is buy non-stick frying pan and a knift. The 1 i have in home is from IKEA and i found it's not really good for cooking although it's also non-stick. just after cook, the taste is different.

OMG... the people is expected to be so many. So many people until the whole Jasco is HOT. im feeling abit dizzy when walking around. people is every where fighting for the cheaps goods.

walked to kitchen sections, see all the frying pan. some no discount. sigh.. some got discount, but it's not what i want. so i left and go to Carrefour see see around. then continue with MetroJaya.

wow, i can feel MetroJaya so COOL. no people. *sweat... i compare the prices between Jasco and Metrojaya and found tht it's about the same. Different by RM1.00. without notice, i notice one of the pan is cheaper than another 1 which is also the same type and model. so i compare the price tag number, it's also the same model, just the pricing much lower. thinks once, thinks twice, thinks third time, i decided to get the pan. haha...

The knift is same price as Carrefour and Jasco got 10% discount. i line up for about 20 minutes to reach my turn to pay the money for it.

end result for the day, a knift from Jasco and a pan from Metrojaya.

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