Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today, it's been 3 weeks to 1 month i did not go to Kota Damansara for car wash.
it's because something is happened to my friend shop there.

the authority is "making visit" to his shop and said this and that. According to him, basically all the areas, shop is not allowed for car wash, only petrol station is allowed.

anyways, while my car is washing, i have chit chat with my sifu as usual.

talks, talks, talks...
then suddenly come across about Modification or "Mod" which frequently used in forum.
people nowadays already mis-use / abuse the Mod wording.

Pivot, lighten crank pulley, open pod air filter, strut bar, whatever bar, BOT, body kits, sticker, and the etc etc... all this is accesories.

while the true meaning "modification" is those technical staff. changing pistol, change engin, do inside the engin, change wheel thing.

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