Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aviation Sealant

Aviation Sealant.

For more than 10 months of testing and experimenting with all types of car paint finish coatings (such as VPS, Diamondbrite, Fireglaze, MMC, Sonax, etc etc, etc), I have applied these prdts using the mftrs method, various other methods and even combining them with other prdts.

During this lengthy process, I have noted the following:

1. The appearance of the paint finish after applying these stuff.
2. Durability of the coating
3. Water beading and water sheeting abilities
4. Car owner's feedback
5. Presence of staining (bugs, birdshit, tree sap etc etc) after application

Each one had its own pros and cons.
But after talking to coatings customers, and looking at their cars, there was one shocking thing in common.....

After 1 or 2 Months, Most Coated Cars Tended To Look Like Crap because:

1. Most owners think coatings are a sort of superior "armour" from almost everything.
2. Most owners think they can wash less. In fact, many of them have never been really interested in washing their cars often . Once a week wash was most common and this is simply not enough.
3. Most of them have never been knowledgable in detailing processes and whatever they knew, was mainly from the Net!

Yes, the glamorous coating might still be on your paint finish after 4 mths. But, by that time, your black or dark coloured car would already be rough, and full of fine scratches caused by improper washing, birdshit stains, tree sap stains, bug splatter stain and all kinds of water marks. So what's the use of still having the layer of coating on your paint, when the car already looks like crap???

If you try to remove these problems, the coating will definitely be removed. Any replenishment treatments may not look as good as the 1st treatment.


A lower priced alternative that will last is high-tech sealants.

After all the experimentation and testing above, I have found a sealant that performs much better than carnaubas, gives a realistic 4mth protection, and does not use any bombastic claims.

Most importantly, it can be priced slightly lower than coatings, and it is more practical and realistic because by the time 4mths comes up, it's time to re-detail. Most importantly, it is used primarily in the aviation and marine industry (luxury yachts, to safeguard against water marks).

Frequent re-detailing is the ONLY way to ensure a consistently smooth, glossy and protected vehicle.


What's so special about using the aviation sealant?

1. Glossiness is achieved through many rounds of compounding. Aviation sealant (1 or more layers) is/are applied on top for maximum refractive index and protection.

2. Sealant is actually a protective, anti-stain coating applied to plane body and jet turbine housing.

3. Lasts generally for (4-6mths max) without re-application. This is more realistic than the claims made by other automotive coatings.

4. Even if your car gathers lots of scratches, you can easily remove these scratches (which will remove the sealant, of course) but you won't feel so sakit hati because this aviation sealant service is less expensive that the usual coatings. As this sealant is used by the aviation industry, and P Detailer's trademark product, I am not able to divulge it's name, as this was agreed with the manufacturer since I'll be using it on cars. We've applied this on many customers cars, and have had superb feedback from their owners.

Source: 8th Gen Civic Club

oh, finaly come accross this post from somewhere else. it's looks so tempting. not sure whether my car can apply this sealant or not.

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