Monday, July 14, 2008


Rakuzen @ Chulan Square.

it's a sushi buffet
it's the first kind of buffet that im ever enjoy it.

i just only sit there and order. unlikes other where i have to take it myself.

it's was Low Yat Forum Chinese Thread gathering which organised by Shalong who coming from Penang to enjoy her food in KL kaw kaw.

We (me and another friend) reached there about 11.45am and saw another forumer with his so called "friend" standing outside and looks at the menu but he did not joining us. so we two go in and have seat first.

Another friend is arrived after few minutes we seated. we were hungry, so without hesitate, we asked the waiter whether is the food can be served. it's about 12.05pm, and she said Yes. so we start to order. As three of us were first time here, we just order few plates each time to start enjoy our sushi.

1st round order, finished.
2nd round of order,
3rd round
4th round
5th round
6th, 7th, 8th... and continue

each round we just order few plates. the waiter from very warm's service become cool service.

we have been eating for 1 hours, then only come our organizer who only come out from her place at sg buloh at 12pm. she with another 2 guys. then there we go, start ordering again.

it's was enjoyable.

now have to recharge, waiting for the next gathering at Jogoya.

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