Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trail Running @ Penang with NB MT110

Trail running @ Penang

29 Dec 2012.

Finally I got my New Balance MT110 trail shoe and so happens I got it on the day I go penang.

Never cross my mind that first thing to do when I reach Penang is to do a trail running starting from Youth Park !

Youth Park were my play ground during my college time in Penang. I trains for my Penang Bridge Half marathon, I alway hike up to Points 3 and Points 5 and whats most enjoyable was joining the public aerobic exercises at the field ! Its where i learn all the movements! The Aerobic exercise still available as I seen yesterday!

In my memory, in my last hike up to Points 3 & 5 memory, it's was really long long time ago! Yesterday I'm ran up to point 3 & 5, it's just took me some 25 mins! The conditions of trail are improved, cleaner now. Basically walks in the park sort of feel.

It's good to be able revisit back after so long!

Penang is hidden's gem for trail running.

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Chin Ann

Saturday, December 29, 2012

TPRC - 221212 Breakfast PotLuck

TPRC are getting bigger and bigger. Running just become a trend and fashion to have! Are you into running? 

Tweet me @vin_ann 
if you're interested to joins TPRC for weekend runs of 10KM on Saturday and 20km on Sunday without fails unless there's race!  

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012/2013 - Happy New Year

Another year. 2012 going to end in 2 days time. This year, it's something different for me. As my previous post, i'm joining Penang Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride which will be held on 31 Dec 2012 (Monday) and 1st Jan 2013 (Tuesday). 

While im going to Penang tomorrow, Saturday. Never thought of spending my New Year eve in Penang which it hardly cross in my mind as Penang is too congested during holiday period and festival ! I used to spend my new year eve by sleep at much earlier but it's seem this year un-avoidable.  

2012 ending. 2013 coming. 
There's some rough plan for 2013 which i tweeted it out in 140 characters. Now try to recall what i plan for 2013. 

Running Resolution
Runs a "Kuasa Besar" run which confirmed. 
Runs an Ultra race which in the planning. 
Runs few marathons namely SCKLM, Penang Marathon and lastly SC Marathon Singapore or Chiang Mai marathon! 

While i'm feel much excited about Chiang Mai Marathon which will be held on 22 Dec 2013 

Initial thought: Fly into Chiang Mai via Air Asia and back via trains. It's going to be excited yet might be dam kaw boring train ride. Imagine Chiang Mai to Bangkok 756KM and from Bangkok to KL... it's can take up to 24 hours train journey but this is what i'm going to experience it. Perhaps spending my Christmas eve on the train? haha... 

Cycling Resolution
Basically after April 2013, it's will be off season for running. Then i shall target to achieve cycling mileage 10,000KM clock on my Giant TCR SL3 by year end. Finger cross. :) 

Weekend ride with P2K. 
Quarterly group trip ride. 

Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2012/2012

As cycling community aware, Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 1,000 slots were sold out less than 12 hours from the time of registration were open. 

While im lucky enough my friend not able to attend and i'm replacing his slot. 

Okay. This is my first time joining Malakoff Penang Interstate ride. It's not a race, just like my perception of PCC interstate ride. 

This year route, there's no Penang bridge ride. No ferry charter thingy as i can read from the Malakoff event facebook. it's doesnt matter. There's come an issue. As the starting point somewhere 4.9km away from the Butterworth jetty, and the 1st ferry available is 0530am while registration for checks in open from 0530 until 0645am and 0700am flag off. 

Google map shows its only 4.9km, 5 min if by car. 

As cyclist, as part of P2K gang, i'm used to cycle from home to the starting point to meet up with others and begin our ride. Since i'm staying in the downtown Penang, it's very near to Penang Jetty, thus this will be my only way to starting point after much consideration and some calculated risk take into consideration. 
0530 - board ferry 
0600 - reach at Butterworth Jetty and start cycle 
0630 - reach at starting point ! what's an awesome estimate! wahaha.... syok sendiri although the estimation might not be accurate. 

I hope there's also other Penang cyclists have the same thought as me. No point for me to drive to Butterworth via Penang bridge where i'm detour a big big round and worse it's really not environmental friendly when we are cyclist. 

See you all on 31 Dec 2012. 

Cycling going to be last thing to do in 2012 and it's also going to be first thing to do in 2013. :) 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

271212 - LSD on weekday with group

I knew i need to run. I felt like very long time my legs did not run
on the road.

Time: 5:15am
Venue: Bukit Aman Car Park
Distance: 18km (initially planned 20km, but im too slow, cut short)
Time: 9.55KM - 1:00:57
8:45KM - 0:58:57 (By Polar RCX 5 GPS G5)

Surprisingly, i can wake up without much problem at 3.50am, as i know,
im running with group. There's something i can look forward for the
run! Really shit the #Foreveralone running session, which some time

Today running with my old hydration pack. Without i realized, i think
i have poured in about 1.5 liter of water... thank god, it's not a
burden for me but it do slow down me !

Runs. Runs. Running with the group for 20km distance for the first
time. Their speed are fast. So fast that after KTM, i'm running alone.
Leg muscles are still warming up. Just keep up with my comfortable
pace. 1 thing confirmed felt the changes: Going uphills seem
effortless after 2 days of cycling uphills and some distances with
P2K. Just can feel knees are giving some tiny pains, perhaps few days
no running, rusted. The pains are gone, after i walk a while and
resume back to running back to car park.

Back at BA, the car park condition are at its worst condition due to
clearing work and construction of multiple car park. Soon, runners
like me, are losing a charming and free for all parking venue. Soon
gotta change my running base i guess.

While on other hand... im really "kek sim" to see my Polar RCX 5 watch
showing low battery indicator! I remember i changed the battery some
where this year... can not last for 1 year jek... or perhaps, it's my
Ultra running training and cycling routines ???


Chin Ann

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Since 12 Nov 2011 with Giant TCR SL3 Limited Edition together with P2K

I been off season in cycling since my KOM Ipoh in October. I been running. Running and Ultra running training mode, which im on and off slack on it. In the past 3 days, I'm rejoins back my P2K cycling group on Sunday and today 25 Dec 2012 for Kuala Selangor Christmas ride. Today's attendance were encouraging! Likes to see many cyclists joining for the ride. 

Photo credit to CoachAzwar TriKidz 

I never take note on the odo on my speed meter. Then how come i'm so free to checks on every data available on my speed meter? This is because i had 3 flats, 3 PANCIT in today's ride! i'm totally lost my motivation to continue my ride to Kuala Selangor with the group when i have my second PANCIT / FLAT at KM 33. With "Team Scott" members, we went to Batu Arang for breakfast.... I realized it's were 4 P2K cyclists with SCOTT bikes! No wonder they called "Scott Team" in P2K... haha... healthy competition. 

We were riding at constant speed of 35-37km/hr on our way back to Uptown. When reach at junction to my home ( i cycle from my home ), i said bye bye to them, slowly enjoy my last 2km ride back home from junction whose know, i can feel my tyre is losing pressure! WTF... Not again! Sigh.... 

3 Flats, and i have to push my bike for last 1KM to reach home. At home, took out my meter, and press, press, press and saw this 5,164.5KM. 

Since im into cycling, i'm hardly blog about it. Even my bike, i never blogged about. Within 1 year 13 days, many things happens. My cycling fitness from zero growing together with P2K. I'm really enjoy and learning from the peleton since Nov 2011, and the peak in my cycling fitness was during PCC 3 days inter-states rides from Kajang to Johor Bharu! I'm enjoys cycling outing event with P2K... 

Here's the "Specialized Team" in P2K who managed to complete the Kuala Selangor Christmas ride. 

Photo credit to CoachAzwar TriKidz 

1 year, i can cycle 5,164KM, and in 2013, i want set my cycling resolution - 10,000 KM for 2013 year together with my running resolution - Running ultra races and joining Kuasa Besar race! 

Before going to Penang, i shall pamper my Giant TCR SL3 with nice shoes ! 


Monday, December 24, 2012

231212 - Ride with P2K KKB Ulu Yam

Cycling with P2K.
125KM from Uptown - Kepong / Selayang - Rawang - Serendah - KKB (Kuala Kubu Bahru) - Ulu Yam - Sungai Tua - Batu Caves - Home.

It's huge attendance of many cyclists around 20. Some U-turn half way. 1 of the cyclist are Japanese! He said P2K is very fast, he seems love it!

The 1st 66KM, it's were fast and furious ride on flat from Rawang to KKB after the Templer Park hills. The average speed were 34.5KM/Hr.

I'm surprised I doing quite better on the Templer Park hill ! At least I still can see my other P2K in front, unlike previously no sight of them! Heart rate top at 182 before I decided to slow it down.

From KKB to Ulu Yam, the killing uphills! I'm quite okay in the beginning, and when it's start hill climb, im dropped!

It's going to be long climb, consumed energy gel Vi-Endurance, light gear, high cadence pedal up the Ulu Yam hills. At one point, I'm really exhausted! Legs no power, and even I tried standing climb to gains back momentum can feel the powerless from legs!

After went through the stage, found myself were not far from the end of hills! Continue my seated climb pedaling hard until d top! It's was like on top of world and start descending! Maximum speed of 72KM/Hr hit on the downhills! :)

After downhills, it's some rolling hills and there's 1 last very steep hill ! The same feel of powerless on legs but eventually managed to climb d hill with standing climb in last few hundred meters!

I'm glad I'm doing well in the ride since my long absent in cycling. ( absent for few weeks in road cycling). I think I want to tribute to my RPM sessions before the ride too. It's helps me, somehow, somewhere preparing for the ride.

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Friday, December 21, 2012


Kickstart back my blog tracking on my running session to serve as reminder training for my Kuasa Besar run in 2013.

21 Dec 2012
Got up: 4:30am
Start run: 5:30am
Distance target: 10KM
Distance completed: 5KM

Somehow, mental failure happens in mind and I'm stopped running. Before I'm stop running, I'm trying hard to keep running and after 34 mins, I walked.

Thought I slept for only 5 hours, then keep reviewing, I noticed I had light dinner with bread only after hard session of RPM Challenge new release Track 57.

Another possible, I ran alone. It's the toughest thing to do.

On other matter, I got my P2K team jersey! Yay! It's time to push to another level, although I'm like forever being dropped from the peloton! =.=''

Lastly, Bukit Aman Car Park, due to construction of multiple storey parking going on at site, the car park have become non-park-able with limited parking space left. Sigh.

Oh wait! It's end of world day! Thank god I did my run this morning! Face the end of world day without regret! Haha...

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Run 2012

Ultra distance. Yet not to be completed by solo runners but 8 runners running from Pacific ocean beach to Indian ocean beach! 

Im looking forward to the run together with Bukit Aman runners! 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Royal Selangor Pewter Postcards series

Two months ago, I brought many many packets of Royal Selangor Pewter (RS) postcards. 

I was told, RS no longer printing new postcards. 

Thus i'm very kiasu, i sekaligus brought a lot of packets. 

It might be the last time i purchase Royal Selangor Pewter postcards. 

Just hope next visit to RS, there's still postcards for me. 

Hope i can find time to visit RS soon. 

As postcards stock are running out fast.... 

i'm really likes RS postcards design. 

It's faith. let it be. 

Last month, November, i sent out 23 Royal Selangor Pewter to worldwide via #postcrossing. :) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yangon Marathon 2013 - Running tips for oversea runners

Yangon Marathon running tips for oversea runners.

The inaugural Yoma Yangon International Marathon will take place on Sunday, 27th January 2013.

You can refer to their official web: to register.  Since Air Asia is flying to Yangon, this inaugural Yoma Yangon marathon becomes runner’s choice to join!

Since im back to running, running around with uncles, rejoins with runners at park, joining Pacesetter 30KM… somehow, during the run, I joined with runner’s conversation about Yangon Marathon from visa, flight, accommodation and some tips travelling at Myanmar.  

You need to apply visa to enter Myanmar. The visa will cost around RM100 plus valid for 3 months. (It’s just back on conversation between runners, for accurate info, kindly check with ambassador of Myanmar.) So now it’s about good time to apply for visa.

I think those who join Yangon marathon would already brought Air Asia flight ticket to Yangon at cheap price. At this point of writing, flight to Yangon from KL 2 days before race is RM203 and back to KL 2 days after race day is RM201.  

Not much details I have as those places mentions were hard to remember. Generally, accommodation in Myanmar are expensive with hotel, perhaps, runners im with are staying comfortable 3 to 5 stars rated hotel in the city. All prices are quoted using USD.

It’s was advised you prepare USD note, 100 note, NEW and without any staple HOLES. I repeat, 100 USD NOTE, NEW and NO STAPLE holes on your 100 NOTE. When you pay your things with USD 100 note, the local will give back local currency change to you. So, unless you planning return trips to Myanmar, spend all the Kyat currency before leaving the country.  

Running tips
Here come the running tips for Yangon marathon. No one have ever runs a marathon in Yangon. But there’s runner who familiar with local situation advise: “Prepare worst out from the best”

The water station: I was told, be careful with the water provided. If it’s in mineral water, it’s safe. If it’s open, mixed with ice, then have to be careful and try your best to avoid if possible. This is because, local uses “cloth” to cover / carry ice. So when the ice melt, the water dip and the cloth might not be hygienic and it’s mixed with water.

Road conditions – Never expect the road condition would be like your home country, wide and flat with tar surfaced. Expect some rough road conditions according to one of the runner who recently visited Yangon city.

By the way, there’s also travelling information available at the official web:

Enjoy the marathon!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Batu Caves - 20 sets @ 11182012

While everyone, most of the KL runners were away, were at north running marathon, i'm took this opportunity to do 20 sets to catch up! hehe... 

Completed 20 sets in 2 hours 24mins 41 seconds, included 14 mins break chit chat with Tey before he leaving as he completed his 20 sets.  

Thank you Tey for taking the photos before you leave. 

A lot of things spark my mind when im was climb stairs... 272 steps repeats for 20 times up and 20 times down. There's a wish lists that spark my mind during my training... 

World Heritage? As we know, govt intended to submit application for Batu Caves to apply as World Heritage. Talk is easy. Talk is bullshit. What to do to qualify for World Heritage status? You should come and have a look for yourself, does Batu Caves current situation can be qualify for World Heritage? No. A big no for me. A lot of effort need to put in, be it the management of temple, the tourist, people like me go there up downs 20 times for nothing, and at last the government. 

Maintenance of Batu Caves. It's heart breaking when you see it. Specially when you up 20 times and down 20 times seeing the same spot.... Sigh... 

At Batu Caves, you always get to see people's determination to climb up 272 steps to reach top. I'm really admire their determination. It's would be best if the stairs can be just like old days where there's number of steps from 1 to 272 repaint back. 

20 times thingy, really let me thinks a lot. 

I'm just wish for better Batu Caves.  

It's November now. Thaipusome is coming soon... 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Batu Caves Training @ 11.11.2012

First of all, I would like thank you to Tey! A very big thank to Tey Eng Tiong who so supportive in taking photos of running! I'm really likes the photos you snapped while im just trying to run up in front of you! wahaha... With such nice photos, it's really added motivation to train harder! :) 

 Thank you Tey. 

15 sets of Batu Caves training on 11.11.2012 Sunday evening. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Batu Caves @ 11.11.2012

Since TPRC sifu and his gang started Batu Caves training not long ago, i wanted to join them in past few Sundays... but somehow, i'm still finding my time to join them on Sunday evening. Today, finally, i'm available to join them for Batu Caves training.... It's was a good weather... 

Sifu and his gang started their staircases training since 3pm, while i'm only arrived around 4:15pm and started my staircases climbing around 4:28pm. 

When was my last training @ Batu Caves! I'm trying to recall back. I was at Batu Caves training from end of last year until early this year for my HK100 which im successful completed! Re-track my blog on Batu Caves, it's was Batu Caves - January 2012 ! The photo above shows the current situation ! 

Somehow, i feel good or perhaps it's because there's many other runners also training at Batu Caves, I managed to complete 15 sets of climbs up and downs which i never ever done before. Previously i only managed to do once maximum of 10 sets, while other days just 8 sets.  

You wont be escape look at staircase. The paint is not more! :(  The staircase paint are at it's worst situation. sigh. I was wondering, why the management never try the weather proof paint to paint the staircases? or why the paint companies never thought of doing their CSR program at Batu Caves? They can promote their weather proof paint to Batu Caves management and get it paint on the staircases! 

Instead, management of Batu Caves uses normal paint to paint the staircases. When its was painted if you asking me? I know the answer! It's were painted early this year January, weeks before Thaipusom !How i know? Because i were running up and down during the period! Batu Caves is a great place, I likes it very much just like you and me! I wishes the best for Batu Caves! 

It's always tourist attraction. 

I cant believe i still can smile even after i completed my 15 sets of Batu Caves climbs. :) 
20 sets shall be the next target to train with TPRC gang. 

Look at the newly painted paint staircase during early this year. 

Staircase before painting. Before cleaning. Before red-painted. 

It's history. No body care about the numbers painted on Batu Caves staircase. No one will know Batu Caves have 272 steps. No tourists will ever know, even they know, they have nothing to show to their friends and family that proof him/her climbed 272 steps of Batu Caves. 

Do you have Batu Caves staircase photo with number? it's now become history, it's become more valuable! 

Friday, November 09, 2012

test test

Test test test... Saucony shoes mileage record.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Explorer Outfitter @ Publika, Solari Dutamas

Surfing FB, and i'm so happened saw my friend's post his bladder photo at some where, some shop. Later i got to know it's Explorer Outfitter at Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

So, i was nearby yesterday, and i visited Explorer Outfitter, to discover new land, to see whether can discover any nice good value items for my trail running..... 

start with left side... explore row by row... aiyah... everything is mean for hiking... but i no hiking... argh... the more i walk, the more disappointment, dont have anything relates to trail running... 

Then... then... i saw this! headlamps ! Currently few models of headlamps on the shelf display. 

First thing first, check out the price tag before checking out the functionality and features! Wow... 
Wow... it's value for money for the amount of Lumen from the Explorer brand CREE LED headlamp! 
It's simply can match with big branded headlamp. 

Too bad, I'm just got mine from one of the top brand of headlamp recently! 
Slapping myself, why i no discover earlier! 
As i'm got my own headlamp, i no further pursue to see the details of those headlamp, as my headlamp are not comparable to these.  I asked the staff, what's is this "Explorer" brand on this headlamp? I never hear of this brand.... He replied: "Explorer" is in-house self research brand... Generally, these headlamps are good for trail running with amount of lumens offered with the durability of battery power! i can sense it's really good in-house brand which know what's consumer want! 

For those who planning to get new headlamp, it's worth to discover yourself on the headlamps! 

Next: Water Bottle. 
As cyclist, i know this water bottle! Some cyclist are using it! I'm been thinking of getting one, but it's so expensive! 
Now they are selling at RRP RM49.90. But here, at Explorer, they are having promotion, selling around RM30+++ !  
Argh... very tempted to get it at that time... but i keep refuse ! 
Maybe when next time im here again, i will get it before promotion end ! 

Next: Hand Warmers ! 
Er... what is this thing! Really can get warm by shaking? Dont you thinks it's like some kind of magic thing? 
haha.... Guess, people around me hardly / never done any extreme hiking. Thus, never get to know this kind of products! 
Asked the staff on how it's work, and asking with dis-believed attitude, is this really work? After some explanation, okayla, i believe 50% first, have to ask Mr Google second opinion before believe 100%. 
This 1, I'm going to get it to test it out in cool weather trail running! 
Argh.. i wish i know this much much early too! If i know, i can bring some spare for my HK100 ! 
argh... ai... 

The staff told me, currently in store only have 40% of what they have now... meaning new products are adding each days, and there's also trail running related products too! 

Good to know! 
Nothing much discovery other than 3 items above. 
Till next visit discovery. 
Before ending, info about Explorer: 

Level G4 (11-19), Block C5, Publika Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603-6206 2831 / +603-6201 0551
(It's located at block that faces open area stage where people perform, ground Floor is The Social, second floor Iciban Boshi, and third floor Explorer Outfitter! )  



Thursday, October 25, 2012

LYN is DOWN on 25 Oct 2012

Low Yat dot net is DOWN at the movement as at 9.15pm. 
Heavy rain since 4pm around Klang Valley. A heavy rain causing so many problems to Klang Valley. 
As im leaving my office at Ara Damansara to The Curve, traffic lights at Tropicano tunnel were not functioning. Problem 1. 
Then come the tunnel is flooded ! Problem 2. 
Along the way, fallen trees. 
Then came to One Utama junction traffic lights were functioning. Problem 3. 
Just now around 6pm, traffic along LDP were standstill. Problem 4. 
Heavy rain really can serve as reminder to we as human on how greedy we are into development. 

Print screen of LYN web. 

I believe, thunder strike are the reason power supply unit failure. 
Mother nature is urging /k/ to sleep early tonight. 
Unable to access to LYN, which mean loss of huge opportunity in advertising. 

Okay. Enjoy playing with  rain outside! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

King Of Mountains KOM Ipoh 2012 Race Report

Last year 2011, about 1 year ago, when i'm first heard about cycling event KOM Ipoh - King of Mountains racing up to Cameron Highland from Balai Bomba Simpang Pulai, i never thought myself are ready for the race when im first heard it. Time fly........ 

Before the race, I'm keep asking around What's strategy to use to tackle KOM Ipoh... riding up Cameron Highland is no joke! Mental is prepared, but i need some tricks! Then, when i'm sent my bike for service @ Bike Tech Subang where i purchase my bike, Sayuti told me stay in front of the peloton and fuel urself with energy gels! I was like awake from sleep, ya wo! Energy gels are all i need to boost my motivation riding up Cameron highland! 

On 14 Oct 2012, I completed KOM Ipoh ! Yay! Never expect im performing quite well, at least for my own feel. This year KOM, there's extra of 23KM flat for us to warming up our legs... 15 minutes before flag off, i have 1 Hammer Gel... 

As you can see the route above, it's the big loop for warming up. I'm starting at quite behind, lucky i have my P2K gang in front of me, Ah Foo (nickname Penang's number 2) and E-min, tagging behind them. When we were off, our speed went up to 40km/hr, overtake those enjoying slow start... 

No doubt it's quite dangerous when riding fast in big group, some how, riding at most right, we manage to catch up to front, at least quite front. haha... Riding with big peloton enjoying the drafting... somehow it's quite taxing... lucky im still manage to follow the peloton... 

Okay, shall blog with photos! I was car pool with Jeffrey and we arrive around 6.50am, consider quite ok, but still late compare with others. Setup bike and prepare everything and there's already a lot of cyclists waiting at the starting point... we need to enter and Q at the back. 

The organizer keep asking us to enter yet there's no clear way for us to enter! I'm really wanted to shout it out! At least put la some cones in the middle to create a path for us to enter until the back... at least that's what im think of when organizer keep asking us to enter.... 

Managed to squeeze my way to back, some where at side waiting to take off! First time joining... excited.. and try to tell myself to calm down ! I need to clam down to think clearly on what's ahead and when to sprint who to follow... yet think too much not good also. Just ride it! Just cycle!  

When we flagged off, i'm consider quite behind as there's bottleneck for us to go out! Grr.... keep clam, then i saw Ah Foo flying overtake me together with E-Min, without second thought, i'm flying following behind them... woo hoo... speed trains! it's too excited to speed between cyclists...totally forget about speed... when we were at straight road, i took a look at my meter, it's around 40km/hr plus minus ! 

Flat route for about 23km ! I had my second Hammer gel @ 22km. 

Trying hard to keep myself to be front, but i'm falling apart, slowing down, was speeding too fast before that yet i thinks i'm still quite in front of total riders. First time riding around, seeing the huge rocks that each time driving past beside the highway! Now i can enjoy the view closer and slower! 

Random shot on my back ! 

Somehow, my muscles are not warm enough, im falling behind slowly. Trying my best to keep up the pace. Relax a while took out my camera and shoot around... haha... At least some excuses for me to rest and recover before the climb start! Actually i dont know when's the climb is approaching... 

Another photo! About total of 700 cyclists joining KOM Ipoh 2012 !   

Another random photos behind me! I'm feel quite relief when saw there's a lot of cyclists behind me. At least my kiasu inside me feel relief. haha... Continue to ride! 

The climb start here! From flat and sudden long climb! speed dropped, changed to lighter gears, higher cadences, i'm find it's very hard to tackle the first climb! within minutes, i'm immediately changed to lightest gear, 28 and keep pedal... pedal, ride, incorporate some pull and push... trying to get steady pace... 

Argh... why the climb not yet ending !!! took out camera again, Cam-whoring while suffering! :) 

Another random shot on my back of other riders suffering on the climb. After playing with camera, put back to pocket, time to endure the pains and climb up the hills... One hills after another one. it's not that hilly after the first hill. I keep myself fuel another Hammer Expresso Gel, the third gel at 32km, after 10km consumed the second gel. Somehow i feel recharged after gel-ing! Swift down 1 or 2 gears to feel it, and pedal all the way! 

Fourth gel opened at 42km mark, fifth gel ate at 52km mark. The energy still plenty inside my body, my legs. I'm feeling better and better, keep pedal overtook cyclist 1 by 1... thought i can draft behind someone, but none. I can cycle faster... 

After some distance, after my fifth gel, feel abit bored as there's not many cyclists around.. i'm keep chasing the front... targeting 1 by 1 to overtake! 

Argh...i'm overtook by a lady! Anyway, it's was my relax and playing time ! trying to keep up with lady cyclist who also first time joining KOM Ipoh ! Same as me too! haha... 
She likes the ride very much! Very beautiful views along the climbs ! 

I know i'm no where near to first group, but i know i'm still quite in front most of riders ! hehe... 
The sun is getting hotter, but weather is cooler !  

Road and tyre. 

It's sunshine! The day before, it's was raining whole day from KL until Ipoh ! Lucky it's was sunshine on Sunday! Loving it. 

View on my handle bar... I'm going to overtake the 4 riders in front! 

Continue to self cam-whore! I'm enjoying the KOM climb! 

Yay! the 4 cyclists are nearer ! I'm going to overtake them! i know i can do it. just matter of time im catching up them! 

Another beautiful view. Okay, view is secondary, my intention of this photo is:  i'm overtaking the "Perak" jersey rider! haha... 

Er... overtook successful ? haha... 

Yay, another beautiful view ! This time, i'm really mean it. 

Lonely rider riding up! Out of sudden there's no cyclist in front of me to be my target to overtake! Grrr... time to get serious, i know i'm almost reaching, around 20km plus left to finishing point ! Yet the disaster is waiting for me in front ! 

After not long i put back my camera, i'm facing a huge problem ! i was like "OH MI GOD" why this is happening to me when i'm in the best best mood to speed up ! plenty of power plenty of energy waiting to be  pedal up! 

I have a puncture. Tyre flat slowly. I have to stop. Stop to change tube. Stop to change tube! Argh... this is second time happening during race! Quickly i stop, it's was back wheel have a flat. quickly dismantle the wheel, spare tube took out from pocket, pulling out the tube... i know i cant just simply change tube, i need to be careful... 1 side of me telling me to change tube carefully and slowly, another side of me telling me that i'm losing! 

While changing tube, a support car stop over, and the volunteer came to me and helps me to change tube! i was like meet with anger ! Anger come to rescue ! I'm initially thought thank god, support car is here, i can borrow stand pump to pump which can save me a lot of time instead of my own small pump which take some amount of time to pump my tyre! Thank you support crew who helps me change tube, he asked me stand beside and enjoy my recovery while he is changing tube for me!   

Lap 1 is where i pressed when i have a flat. Clocked 59.60KM, about 20km to go till finishing line! 

Lap 2 - it's where im stop changing tube, and where's the support crew abang helped me ! Really recovery time! total of 8 minutes loss. Within the 8 minutes, those riders who i overtook just now, were overtook me back! helpless, just stand at side road, feel like wanted to cry it out ! Immediate after the support crew abang completed changing tube, i thank him, get up to my bike and continue to ride! I pedal all out to convert my cry into speed for few seconds! 

Journey to finishing line continue! it's just less than 20km! I have my 6th Hammer gel at 62KM mark, i knew i lost some good 8 minutes plus, time to revenge! I still can speed faster than other cyclists around me. Managed to overtook some of riders who overtook me during my changing tube stop. No camera time, i know i still can catch up some of riders! 

it's hills again and again, which already numb to my legs. Playing around with gears and cadence, but not with the lightest gear 28, i'm able to use heavier gear while maintaining my cadence although i dont have cadence meter. There's quite some amount of riders in front, which is good for me to target and overtake! 

Have my last 7th Hammer gel at 72km mark! i still have another 7km tough climb to go! somehow, most of the time, no more standing climb as im tired, trying to standing climb but there's cramp signal showing off. For the first time in cycling, i'm almost have cramp! 

It's 5KM to go mark, some downhills part, really pushing hard. it's another 2KM to go! somehow, something stuck in my helmet ! I can hear the "zzzzzz" sound like some insert wing sound! i'm trying to ignore the sound initially, but my sense told me, better check out before late or something happens. I took off my helmet, checking around while riding, and i found there's a bee stuck behind my helmet ! oh my god! oh no! i'm shaking my helmet trying to let the bee off, but fail. Shaking up down left right right left down up up and down but still fail. 

Not again! i thought ! I have to stop and try to let the bee flying off! yet it's still stuck behind my helmet strap ! Grrr.... Took out my lever and managed to get the bee off of my helmet ! Grrr.... there's few riders overtook me again! Quickly resume my ride, but i know i'm already at my limits, i cant do any standing climb nor sprint to finishing line in last 1KM ! 

Crossing the finishing line with official clock showing 3 hours 28 mins XX seconds. I'm relief. Finally i completed my first ever KOM Ipoh !  

Reward after completion: KFC meal. 

It's snack plate KFC meal ! Woo Hoo... ! I need it very much! I need replenish my energy as later i need to ride down to starting point some 55km downhills. 

After finished my KFC meal, we riding down. of course, i got my finishing medal too! There's still quite a lot of riders not yet finish when we were leaving heading downhills ! 

A very good organized finishing area. Support crew are waiting rider to complete, and help to cut of the timing chip to get RM20 refund. 

While i'm leaving, cyclists are entering finishing area! Congratulation ! 

Some riding result from my Polar RCX5. 

Result ! Result ! Result ! 
Find P2K, and you find me! 
i'm 190th with 3 hours 28 mins 34 seconds.
 Not bad, Chin Ann! 


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