Sunday, November 11, 2012

Batu Caves @ 11.11.2012

Since TPRC sifu and his gang started Batu Caves training not long ago, i wanted to join them in past few Sundays... but somehow, i'm still finding my time to join them on Sunday evening. Today, finally, i'm available to join them for Batu Caves training.... It's was a good weather... 

Sifu and his gang started their staircases training since 3pm, while i'm only arrived around 4:15pm and started my staircases climbing around 4:28pm. 

When was my last training @ Batu Caves! I'm trying to recall back. I was at Batu Caves training from end of last year until early this year for my HK100 which im successful completed! Re-track my blog on Batu Caves, it's was Batu Caves - January 2012 ! The photo above shows the current situation ! 

Somehow, i feel good or perhaps it's because there's many other runners also training at Batu Caves, I managed to complete 15 sets of climbs up and downs which i never ever done before. Previously i only managed to do once maximum of 10 sets, while other days just 8 sets.  

You wont be escape look at staircase. The paint is not more! :(  The staircase paint are at it's worst situation. sigh. I was wondering, why the management never try the weather proof paint to paint the staircases? or why the paint companies never thought of doing their CSR program at Batu Caves? They can promote their weather proof paint to Batu Caves management and get it paint on the staircases! 

Instead, management of Batu Caves uses normal paint to paint the staircases. When its was painted if you asking me? I know the answer! It's were painted early this year January, weeks before Thaipusom !How i know? Because i were running up and down during the period! Batu Caves is a great place, I likes it very much just like you and me! I wishes the best for Batu Caves! 

It's always tourist attraction. 

I cant believe i still can smile even after i completed my 15 sets of Batu Caves climbs. :) 
20 sets shall be the next target to train with TPRC gang. 

Look at the newly painted paint staircase during early this year. 

Staircase before painting. Before cleaning. Before red-painted. 

It's history. No body care about the numbers painted on Batu Caves staircase. No one will know Batu Caves have 272 steps. No tourists will ever know, even they know, they have nothing to show to their friends and family that proof him/her climbed 272 steps of Batu Caves. 

Do you have Batu Caves staircase photo with number? it's now become history, it's become more valuable! 


Unknown said...

Is there anyway we can be connected ? need to ask you about batu cave

vin_ann said...

is there anyway you can recognise me?

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