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Yangon Marathon 2013 - Running tips for oversea runners

Yangon Marathon running tips for oversea runners.

The inaugural Yoma Yangon International Marathon will take place on Sunday, 27th January 2013.

You can refer to their official web: http://www.yangonmarathon.com/ to register.  Since Air Asia is flying to Yangon, this inaugural Yoma Yangon marathon becomes runner’s choice to join!

Since im back to running, running around with uncles, rejoins with runners at park, joining Pacesetter 30KM… somehow, during the run, I joined with runner’s conversation about Yangon Marathon from visa, flight, accommodation and some tips travelling at Myanmar.  

You need to apply visa to enter Myanmar. The visa will cost around RM100 plus valid for 3 months. (It’s just back on conversation between runners, for accurate info, kindly check with ambassador of Myanmar.) So now it’s about good time to apply for visa.

I think those who join Yangon marathon would already brought Air Asia flight ticket to Yangon at cheap price. At this point of writing, flight to Yangon from KL 2 days before race is RM203 and back to KL 2 days after race day is RM201.  

Not much details I have as those places mentions were hard to remember. Generally, accommodation in Myanmar are expensive with hotel, perhaps, runners im with are staying comfortable 3 to 5 stars rated hotel in the city. All prices are quoted using USD.

It’s was advised you prepare USD note, 100 note, NEW and without any staple HOLES. I repeat, 100 USD NOTE, NEW and NO STAPLE holes on your 100 NOTE. When you pay your things with USD 100 note, the local will give back local currency change to you. So, unless you planning return trips to Myanmar, spend all the Kyat currency before leaving the country.  

Running tips
Here come the running tips for Yangon marathon. No one have ever runs a marathon in Yangon. But there’s runner who familiar with local situation advise: “Prepare worst out from the best”

The water station: I was told, be careful with the water provided. If it’s in mineral water, it’s safe. If it’s open, mixed with ice, then have to be careful and try your best to avoid if possible. This is because, local uses “cloth” to cover / carry ice. So when the ice melt, the water dip and the cloth might not be hygienic and it’s mixed with water.

Road conditions – Never expect the road condition would be like your home country, wide and flat with tar surfaced. Expect some rough road conditions according to one of the runner who recently visited Yangon city.

By the way, there’s also travelling information available at the official web: http://www.yangonmarathon.com/event-info/travel-information.html

Enjoy the marathon!

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