Sunday, November 18, 2012

Batu Caves - 20 sets @ 11182012

While everyone, most of the KL runners were away, were at north running marathon, i'm took this opportunity to do 20 sets to catch up! hehe... 

Completed 20 sets in 2 hours 24mins 41 seconds, included 14 mins break chit chat with Tey before he leaving as he completed his 20 sets.  

Thank you Tey for taking the photos before you leave. 

A lot of things spark my mind when im was climb stairs... 272 steps repeats for 20 times up and 20 times down. There's a wish lists that spark my mind during my training... 

World Heritage? As we know, govt intended to submit application for Batu Caves to apply as World Heritage. Talk is easy. Talk is bullshit. What to do to qualify for World Heritage status? You should come and have a look for yourself, does Batu Caves current situation can be qualify for World Heritage? No. A big no for me. A lot of effort need to put in, be it the management of temple, the tourist, people like me go there up downs 20 times for nothing, and at last the government. 

Maintenance of Batu Caves. It's heart breaking when you see it. Specially when you up 20 times and down 20 times seeing the same spot.... Sigh... 

At Batu Caves, you always get to see people's determination to climb up 272 steps to reach top. I'm really admire their determination. It's would be best if the stairs can be just like old days where there's number of steps from 1 to 272 repaint back. 

20 times thingy, really let me thinks a lot. 

I'm just wish for better Batu Caves.  

It's November now. Thaipusome is coming soon... 

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