Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The 10 Commandments of Muscle Building Nutrition!

The 10 Commandments of Muscle Building Nutrition!

Muscle building nutrition Muscle building nutrition is not rocket science; it just requires some basic knowledge, discipline and consistency. You need to eat a good healthy diet every day to get the results you desire. Nutrition is often overlooked by some weight trainers, but the fact is, if you don't have a good muscle building diet you are really limiting the results you get from your training. So Muscle&Strength have put together the 10 commandments of muscle building nutrition. These are 10 rules you should follow when trying to build muscle and gain weight.

RULE #1: Eat at least 6 quality small meals per day. Eating more meals per day increases the body's metabolism, gives you a constant flow of energy and reduces the likelihood of your body storing your food as fat. You need to shift away from the "3 meals a day" mentality - those days are over. You should only feed your body with what it requires, not how much can fit in your stomach.

RULE #2: Eat protein and complex carbohydrates in every meal. You don't have to eat alot, but try to get about 30 grams or protein and some quality carbs in each meal. Carbs are easy as they are found in bread, rice, potatoes etc. Stick to whole grains, oats, brown rice and wholemeal bread for good carbs. Good sources of protein are chicken, egg whites, tuna, red meat and fish.

RULE #3: Use supplements. Bodybuilding supplements are a great way to get nutrients to the body fast. At a minimum I suggest you use whey protein supplements. Depending on your goals and level of training, creatine and glutamine should also be considered. Best times to consume supplements are first thing in the morning, before/after training and before bed.

RULE #4: Avoid simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are the "sugary" carbohydrates found in sugar, soft drinks and honey. Simple carbohydrates give you an instant pick-me-up but they will drop you right back where you came from after a few minutes. Excessive sugar plays havoc with our insulin metabolism and leads to fatigue and fat storage. Stay away!

RULE #5: Stay away from fats and excessive salts. Some fat is essential for a healthy diet. Good fat is found in olive oil, peanut butter and fish. Bad fat is vegetable oil, animal fats and butter. This pretty much rules out all junk food and fizzy drinks.

RULE #6: Fuel up before your workout. Eat a small meal that contains a good portion or complex carbohydrates and protein about 30-60 minutes before your workout. The complex carbohydrates will give you the sustained energy to train long and hard. And the protein will assist your muscles during your workout as you break them down.

RULE #7: The after workout meal/shake is the most important nutrition boost your body needs. Directly after a workout your muscles are broken down and crying out for nutrients. A good dose of protein is a must (40-50 grams) and carbohydrates also play an important role because they are needed for an insulin spike which will release growth hormone. A supplement shake is the best method to deliver these nutrients to your body followed by a good post workout meal within 60 minutes of training.

RULE #8: Drink water, and lots of it! The most important nutrient in your body is water. The quality of your tissues, their performance and their resistance to injury is dependent on the amount of the water you drink. Sip water constantly throughout the day and make sure you get more than enough water during your workout.

RULE #9: Avoid snacking by planning your diet. Let's face it, most snack foods you're going to be tempted with are going to be unhealthy and full of sugar, salt and other unnatural ingredients. If you plan each meal for the day during the previous day you will find that you will not feel like snacking as you will always feel satisfied.

RULE #10: At the end of the day, if you want to gain weight and pack on muscle you need to eat more calories than your burn throughout the day. If you don't eat enough calories you will not grow any muscle. Never stay hungry. As soon as you begin to feel hungry eat a good meal of carbs and protein. Also get a good serve of carbs and protein before bed, you body will need it for repairing muscle tissue while your sleep.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in 1 piece

26 Julai 2009

Early in morning 3.30am wake up, prepare to meet up with CariRunners for Broga Hill hiking, whose know the plan was cancelled due to heavy raining when we reached at Broga. Back home sleep.

This morning 10.30am i followed my aunty car to Penang visit my grandpa in hospital.
We reached penang around 1pm and had a nice char kuay teow and coconut water at Jelutong Pasar.

4.10pm we were leaving and my aunty dropped me at Penang Jetty.
4.30pm i broad the ferry to Butterwoth.
4.50pm i managed to get a bus ticket from Butterworth to KL (so call NOW.)

im too tired and just sleep in the bus. im sitting on the 1st row behind the driver.
i was awake by the 2 sounds of break, and normally the bus should be slow down, but yet the bus is not slowing down, i looks around and i found my bus is going down hill of Ipoh side. After the 2 break sound, i saw the traffic in front is slow moving and jamm, yet my bus was in inside lane and it start to crash the car in front! it's happened around 7.30pm.

Bump! Crash! Bump! Crash! my bus is crashing from inside lane until outside lane, causing 2 vehicle were falls into the drains. We were shouting to driver STOP! BREAK!

my mind was blank! im holding my hand phone and i wanted to record it down yet im blank!
my bus was stopped with the help of Van which crash T-bone!

we quickly get down from bus, and i saw the Van driver is trapped. He is fine, just that he is stuck with safety belt, i asked every1 whether have knife, then suddenly one people is taking out his parang, cut the safety belt, and the driver managed to escaped.

The police and ambulance were taking some time to arrive, and yet the truck people is reaching even faster!

soon after that, got 1 Konsortium bas stopped in front of us, and telling us, they can tumpang take in 1 passenger to KL. since then i wave my hand to every buses hoping they will stop and tumpang us to KL...

im waking around the scenic, i asked the policeman:

What's the procedure for bus passenger?
Ans: No procedure, you can go off.
Are we going to be taking care of?
Ans: No, you have to get the bus company to take care of you!
Do we need to follow police to police station?
Ans: Only the bus driver.
Can police fetch us to Ipoh town for us to continue our journey to KL?
Ans: No, the police car is can not simple fetch ordinary people.

Since after that, i called the bus company "HAIDER TRADING SDN BHD" which shown in my bus ticket. The person incharge is saying they arranging bus from Butterworth come and fetch us to KL... and promise will call me back! At least i feel relief, but as minutes and minutes pass, no call from bus company! i called again and demand to know where the bus location, yet they reply the same thing: will call me back! Worse, the bus company saying that they are not aware of the accident! WTF... They only know when im calling them!

I feel so helpless, no 1 is offering any helps to us... So i continue my effort to wave hand! Finally around 9.30pm, one bus is stopped and they willing to take 11 all of us. i was thinking, wow so good, when reach KL, must thank the bus driver! Whose know when we stopped at Slim River for break, the bus driver's second man, is asking RM5 from us! Without second thought, we are agreed! as i know, there is not free lunch in the world!

i reached at Puduraya around 1.00am and i managed to get a taxi! Since midnight i dun mind the surcharge! The taxi gives me 2 rate either double of taxi meter or a fixed rate of RM15. i agreed to a fixed rate of RM15 and when im reach i did not have any change, i give RM20 to the driver and the taxi driver said no charge! then he said surcharge, midnight, bla bla bla... finally i give RM20 to the driver!

im back in 1 piece.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Char Siew Fan

The Char Siew Fan lunch is being proposed long long time ago by my colleague and it's never take off.

Finally the lunch is take off. At 12.30pm we were heading to Jln Ampang.

i was abit shock to know the bill cost us RM94. The Char Siew cost RM22.00 and the duck is RM20.00, and we ordered 2 plate of Char Siew...

anyways, the lunch is FULL...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saucony - Triumph 6

Triumph 6 - my next running shoe... Coming soon

these pic taken while Triumph 6 was in my possession in transit, in the same day evening i passed to another ex-colleague who going to meet up Sky in KK!

Last weekend sunday morning, i helped Sky ( my coursemate, ex-colleague and friend) who is currently working in Singapore to get this Triumph 6 from Saucony!

Currently im wearing Triumph 5 which i brought it last year August 2008 when im first start running. it's been serving me well and it's time im move on and get the second shoe as my alternate shoe which will pro-long my Triumph 5 running life...

Currently in Msia, there is not store selling Saucony shoe, i got this shoe from a passion runner who i know through Frank, low yat forumer, and from him, i know the Saucony seller, Choi, and from there, the COD (cash on delivery) place which is Bukit Aman Car park, i get to know Runners Malaysia group...

that's how im started my beginner running stage! that's how i get to know so many great runners!

SC Singapore Marathon

Registration Confirmation!
last night i registered for my 1st ever Oversea Full Marathon!

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon!

6 Dec 2009...

Siemen Run 2009

this video is shoot by my running friend! just loving it... specially the pom pom girls!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Siemen 10km Run 2009

19-July 2009

Siemen Run 10km 2009

Before the race begin

yesterday night, i and my friend went to watch Harry Porter @ Pavilion! what a disspointed ending!!! the show was 9.30pm and end at 12.00am...

reached home around 12.45pm and only went to sleep around 1.00am!

wake up at 5.45am after my radio alarm been "on Air" since 5.00am! lucky im not late, still can make it.

Park my car at the Bukit Aman Car park, then job slowly to Dataran Merdeka.
this run, the whole journey i just run with my own pace, a slow 1... and targeting to complete within 1 hour, and i managed to complete it with 1hr 9 mins, my best personal record.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saucony Triumph 6

im going to get this new shoe as my second pair of running shoe after my current Triumph 5 have been serving me well for the past 11 months! i will be using this shoe as my alternate shoe, so that my Triumph 5 will have extended life span!

SC Singapore Marathon

My first ever full marathon of 42km is open for registration in 1 hour 10 minutes time.
16 July 2009 , time 12.00am.

now thinking of which credit card to use to pay online...
Singapore, here i come!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

佳礼 Cari Runners II

Last weekend Sunday, it was my 1st ever biggest group of people i run together with for Double Hill route. Too bad, my leg muscle giving me problems after just run not far. i have to run slowly and keep running.

Before run around 6.30am
After run
As request by Tey for group running photo, it's amazing!

This picture was taken before the group running. Yeah... im so excited!
Cari Runners who joined SCKL half marathon recently.
Breakfast @ Oldtown Kopitiam

In the coming weeks, there will be more running pictures! this coming weekend Sunday have McD 7km Run... too bad, i have to give it a miss as im have to go back to hometown on Friday night with my uncle car.

After McD run, it followed by the Siemens 10km run.
Shape & Men's health Night run is after that @ Putrajaya.

b4 end: Thank you Tey for taking nice pictures for us.


checking on my facebook events list...
on the bottom got 1 event which is my friend's wedding diner @ Melaka in December... she sent the invitation long long time ago, i thinks is in February or March!

i promised her to attend together with another friend who will fly in KL from Kuching.

now im just realised that the wedding diner is clash with my SC SG Marathon in December too! Same date! OMG...

im also promised my running mate on the accommodation for SC SG Marathon and im also decided to run my 1st FULL Marathon in SC SG Marathon!

SC SG Marathon

Dear Runners,

Thank you for stopping by!

The 8th edition of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon will take place on 6 December 2009. Registration will start at midnight (SGT) on 16 July 2009.

See you soon and train hard! Cheers

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 Organizing Committee

Saturday, July 04, 2009

佳礼 Cari Runners

日期:05/07/09 星期日
地點:Bukit Aman Double Hill
參與:我,Qiyan,朱和他的女性朋友,文,wyyew,龍哥,VinAnn,VinAnn的一個朋友,Chan, Kent ,Sean,獸王,獸王的兩個朋友,Eugene,Carrie,Myfm,

After the SCKLM, most of my CariRunners gang had their 1st ever full marathon done.
quite a number of them.

now, we are closer after race by race. people is getting excited to train together and motivates each other to train hard and run faster.

Beside Cari group, i glad to know other group as well. Among others are Low Yat runner thread, Runners Malaysia group which most of us were "graduated" from beginner stage and running together occassional.

im enjoy their companion. Thanks a lot.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


for 2009, it's a marathon year for me.
as im just started to run since last year August, started with my Red Red Saucony Shoe which was brought from CChoi, the only Saucony selling in KL...

with my red shoe, i start my running life...
i started with Runner Malaysia beginner group. From there i meet a lot of people and we run together other than on Saturday morning 7.30pm.

we run on Sunday morning 6am for double hill 10km or Hartamas route 20km.

Beside the Runner Malaysia gang, im also have Cari Runners gang which we always communicate in the Cari Chinese Forum. we took a lots of pictures during competition run. Too bad, i missed to take photo with them during my SCKLM last weekend.

On October, i will be first time ever flying with Air Asia to Kota Kinabalu for my Borneo Marathon, which im take part half marathon (21km).

On November, i will be going up to North for Penang Bridge International Marathon, which im also take part half marathon (21km)

On December, it's my most important month. im decided to take part Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, FULL MARATHON (42km). this will be my 1st ever full marathon in my life.

while most of my Cari Runners gang, they had their 1st full marathon during this SCKLM. i saw their result were quite ok. perhaps i should have join the full marathon.

Running will be part of my weekend routine.

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM)

Gear up for another half marathon in North...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pink Guava Plantation

Lawatan Sambil Belajar to Pink Guava Plantation @ Setiawan

Golden Hope Food & Beverages Sdn Bhd ‘s (GHFB) 500 ha pink guava plantation in Sungei Wangi Estate in Sitiawan, Perak is the world’s single largest pink guava plantation and it is currently the nation’s only pink guava producer.

With an annual harvest of almost nine million kg since 2006, the plantation produces 15% of the world’s pink guava puree. Manufactured under the stringent manufacturing process requirements, the pink guava puree is well accepted by beverage and food manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore and also local manufacturers.

GHFB’s pink guava puree meets the following Malaysian and international standards:

  • MS ISO9001:2000 since 1991,
  • Kosher certification since 1993,
  • Halal certification since 1998,
  • SGF IRMA Approved Supplier since 2004
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification since 2005.

The puree is sold in 25kg aseptic bag in cartons and 200kg aseptic bag in drums. GHFB also produces pink guava ready-to-drink juice and pink guava juice concentrate, brandnamed GoFresh, which are sold in selected local supermarkets and served in Malaysia’s national carrier Malaysia Airlines.

GHFB’s pink guava puree is 100% GMO free, allergen free, fresh, natural and halal. It is used in beverages, juices, ice cream, frozen desserts, yoghurt, fruit jelly, baby food and confectionery.


200kg aseptic bag in drums
25kg aseptic bag
Full capacity is 25kg, but this 1 i brought only with 3kg. just now tasted the puree, it's totally different taste, and i need to adjust / forcing myself to drink it even a tea spoon puree. it's hard to eat, as it's natural and pure, no sugar, no additive...

it's PINK!

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