Monday, July 20, 2009

Saucony - Triumph 6

Triumph 6 - my next running shoe... Coming soon

these pic taken while Triumph 6 was in my possession in transit, in the same day evening i passed to another ex-colleague who going to meet up Sky in KK!

Last weekend sunday morning, i helped Sky ( my coursemate, ex-colleague and friend) who is currently working in Singapore to get this Triumph 6 from Saucony!

Currently im wearing Triumph 5 which i brought it last year August 2008 when im first start running. it's been serving me well and it's time im move on and get the second shoe as my alternate shoe which will pro-long my Triumph 5 running life...

Currently in Msia, there is not store selling Saucony shoe, i got this shoe from a passion runner who i know through Frank, low yat forumer, and from him, i know the Saucony seller, Choi, and from there, the COD (cash on delivery) place which is Bukit Aman Car park, i get to know Runners Malaysia group...

that's how im started my beginner running stage! that's how i get to know so many great runners!

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Bebee said...

1st glance on the word Triumph 6 i tot it was Triumph the bra brand =,=

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