Saturday, July 04, 2009

佳礼 Cari Runners

日期:05/07/09 星期日
地點:Bukit Aman Double Hill
參與:我,Qiyan,朱和他的女性朋友,文,wyyew,龍哥,VinAnn,VinAnn的一個朋友,Chan, Kent ,Sean,獸王,獸王的兩個朋友,Eugene,Carrie,Myfm,

After the SCKLM, most of my CariRunners gang had their 1st ever full marathon done.
quite a number of them.

now, we are closer after race by race. people is getting excited to train together and motivates each other to train hard and run faster.

Beside Cari group, i glad to know other group as well. Among others are Low Yat runner thread, Runners Malaysia group which most of us were "graduated" from beginner stage and running together occassional.

im enjoy their companion. Thanks a lot.

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