Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trail Running @ Penang with NB MT110

Trail running @ Penang

29 Dec 2012.

Finally I got my New Balance MT110 trail shoe and so happens I got it on the day I go penang.

Never cross my mind that first thing to do when I reach Penang is to do a trail running starting from Youth Park !

Youth Park were my play ground during my college time in Penang. I trains for my Penang Bridge Half marathon, I alway hike up to Points 3 and Points 5 and whats most enjoyable was joining the public aerobic exercises at the field ! Its where i learn all the movements! The Aerobic exercise still available as I seen yesterday!

In my memory, in my last hike up to Points 3 & 5 memory, it's was really long long time ago! Yesterday I'm ran up to point 3 & 5, it's just took me some 25 mins! The conditions of trail are improved, cleaner now. Basically walks in the park sort of feel.

It's good to be able revisit back after so long!

Penang is hidden's gem for trail running.

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Chin Ann

Saturday, December 29, 2012

TPRC - 221212 Breakfast PotLuck

TPRC are getting bigger and bigger. Running just become a trend and fashion to have! Are you into running? 

Tweet me @vin_ann 
if you're interested to joins TPRC for weekend runs of 10KM on Saturday and 20km on Sunday without fails unless there's race!  

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012/2013 - Happy New Year

Another year. 2012 going to end in 2 days time. This year, it's something different for me. As my previous post, i'm joining Penang Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride which will be held on 31 Dec 2012 (Monday) and 1st Jan 2013 (Tuesday). 

While im going to Penang tomorrow, Saturday. Never thought of spending my New Year eve in Penang which it hardly cross in my mind as Penang is too congested during holiday period and festival ! I used to spend my new year eve by sleep at much earlier but it's seem this year un-avoidable.  

2012 ending. 2013 coming. 
There's some rough plan for 2013 which i tweeted it out in 140 characters. Now try to recall what i plan for 2013. 

Running Resolution
Runs a "Kuasa Besar" run which confirmed. 
Runs an Ultra race which in the planning. 
Runs few marathons namely SCKLM, Penang Marathon and lastly SC Marathon Singapore or Chiang Mai marathon! 

While i'm feel much excited about Chiang Mai Marathon which will be held on 22 Dec 2013 

Initial thought: Fly into Chiang Mai via Air Asia and back via trains. It's going to be excited yet might be dam kaw boring train ride. Imagine Chiang Mai to Bangkok 756KM and from Bangkok to KL... it's can take up to 24 hours train journey but this is what i'm going to experience it. Perhaps spending my Christmas eve on the train? haha... 

Cycling Resolution
Basically after April 2013, it's will be off season for running. Then i shall target to achieve cycling mileage 10,000KM clock on my Giant TCR SL3 by year end. Finger cross. :) 

Weekend ride with P2K. 
Quarterly group trip ride. 

Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2012/2012

As cycling community aware, Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 1,000 slots were sold out less than 12 hours from the time of registration were open. 

While im lucky enough my friend not able to attend and i'm replacing his slot. 

Okay. This is my first time joining Malakoff Penang Interstate ride. It's not a race, just like my perception of PCC interstate ride. 

This year route, there's no Penang bridge ride. No ferry charter thingy as i can read from the Malakoff event facebook. it's doesnt matter. There's come an issue. As the starting point somewhere 4.9km away from the Butterworth jetty, and the 1st ferry available is 0530am while registration for checks in open from 0530 until 0645am and 0700am flag off. 

Google map shows its only 4.9km, 5 min if by car. 

As cyclist, as part of P2K gang, i'm used to cycle from home to the starting point to meet up with others and begin our ride. Since i'm staying in the downtown Penang, it's very near to Penang Jetty, thus this will be my only way to starting point after much consideration and some calculated risk take into consideration. 
0530 - board ferry 
0600 - reach at Butterworth Jetty and start cycle 
0630 - reach at starting point ! what's an awesome estimate! wahaha.... syok sendiri although the estimation might not be accurate. 

I hope there's also other Penang cyclists have the same thought as me. No point for me to drive to Butterworth via Penang bridge where i'm detour a big big round and worse it's really not environmental friendly when we are cyclist. 

See you all on 31 Dec 2012. 

Cycling going to be last thing to do in 2012 and it's also going to be first thing to do in 2013. :) 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

271212 - LSD on weekday with group

I knew i need to run. I felt like very long time my legs did not run
on the road.

Time: 5:15am
Venue: Bukit Aman Car Park
Distance: 18km (initially planned 20km, but im too slow, cut short)
Time: 9.55KM - 1:00:57
8:45KM - 0:58:57 (By Polar RCX 5 GPS G5)

Surprisingly, i can wake up without much problem at 3.50am, as i know,
im running with group. There's something i can look forward for the
run! Really shit the #Foreveralone running session, which some time

Today running with my old hydration pack. Without i realized, i think
i have poured in about 1.5 liter of water... thank god, it's not a
burden for me but it do slow down me !

Runs. Runs. Running with the group for 20km distance for the first
time. Their speed are fast. So fast that after KTM, i'm running alone.
Leg muscles are still warming up. Just keep up with my comfortable
pace. 1 thing confirmed felt the changes: Going uphills seem
effortless after 2 days of cycling uphills and some distances with
P2K. Just can feel knees are giving some tiny pains, perhaps few days
no running, rusted. The pains are gone, after i walk a while and
resume back to running back to car park.

Back at BA, the car park condition are at its worst condition due to
clearing work and construction of multiple car park. Soon, runners
like me, are losing a charming and free for all parking venue. Soon
gotta change my running base i guess.

While on other hand... im really "kek sim" to see my Polar RCX 5 watch
showing low battery indicator! I remember i changed the battery some
where this year... can not last for 1 year jek... or perhaps, it's my
Ultra running training and cycling routines ???


Chin Ann

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Since 12 Nov 2011 with Giant TCR SL3 Limited Edition together with P2K

I been off season in cycling since my KOM Ipoh in October. I been running. Running and Ultra running training mode, which im on and off slack on it. In the past 3 days, I'm rejoins back my P2K cycling group on Sunday and today 25 Dec 2012 for Kuala Selangor Christmas ride. Today's attendance were encouraging! Likes to see many cyclists joining for the ride. 

Photo credit to CoachAzwar TriKidz 

I never take note on the odo on my speed meter. Then how come i'm so free to checks on every data available on my speed meter? This is because i had 3 flats, 3 PANCIT in today's ride! i'm totally lost my motivation to continue my ride to Kuala Selangor with the group when i have my second PANCIT / FLAT at KM 33. With "Team Scott" members, we went to Batu Arang for breakfast.... I realized it's were 4 P2K cyclists with SCOTT bikes! No wonder they called "Scott Team" in P2K... haha... healthy competition. 

We were riding at constant speed of 35-37km/hr on our way back to Uptown. When reach at junction to my home ( i cycle from my home ), i said bye bye to them, slowly enjoy my last 2km ride back home from junction whose know, i can feel my tyre is losing pressure! WTF... Not again! Sigh.... 

3 Flats, and i have to push my bike for last 1KM to reach home. At home, took out my meter, and press, press, press and saw this 5,164.5KM. 

Since im into cycling, i'm hardly blog about it. Even my bike, i never blogged about. Within 1 year 13 days, many things happens. My cycling fitness from zero growing together with P2K. I'm really enjoy and learning from the peleton since Nov 2011, and the peak in my cycling fitness was during PCC 3 days inter-states rides from Kajang to Johor Bharu! I'm enjoys cycling outing event with P2K... 

Here's the "Specialized Team" in P2K who managed to complete the Kuala Selangor Christmas ride. 

Photo credit to CoachAzwar TriKidz 

1 year, i can cycle 5,164KM, and in 2013, i want set my cycling resolution - 10,000 KM for 2013 year together with my running resolution - Running ultra races and joining Kuasa Besar race! 

Before going to Penang, i shall pamper my Giant TCR SL3 with nice shoes ! 


Monday, December 24, 2012

231212 - Ride with P2K KKB Ulu Yam

Cycling with P2K.
125KM from Uptown - Kepong / Selayang - Rawang - Serendah - KKB (Kuala Kubu Bahru) - Ulu Yam - Sungai Tua - Batu Caves - Home.

It's huge attendance of many cyclists around 20. Some U-turn half way. 1 of the cyclist are Japanese! He said P2K is very fast, he seems love it!

The 1st 66KM, it's were fast and furious ride on flat from Rawang to KKB after the Templer Park hills. The average speed were 34.5KM/Hr.

I'm surprised I doing quite better on the Templer Park hill ! At least I still can see my other P2K in front, unlike previously no sight of them! Heart rate top at 182 before I decided to slow it down.

From KKB to Ulu Yam, the killing uphills! I'm quite okay in the beginning, and when it's start hill climb, im dropped!

It's going to be long climb, consumed energy gel Vi-Endurance, light gear, high cadence pedal up the Ulu Yam hills. At one point, I'm really exhausted! Legs no power, and even I tried standing climb to gains back momentum can feel the powerless from legs!

After went through the stage, found myself were not far from the end of hills! Continue my seated climb pedaling hard until d top! It's was like on top of world and start descending! Maximum speed of 72KM/Hr hit on the downhills! :)

After downhills, it's some rolling hills and there's 1 last very steep hill ! The same feel of powerless on legs but eventually managed to climb d hill with standing climb in last few hundred meters!

I'm glad I'm doing well in the ride since my long absent in cycling. ( absent for few weeks in road cycling). I think I want to tribute to my RPM sessions before the ride too. It's helps me, somehow, somewhere preparing for the ride.

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Friday, December 21, 2012


Kickstart back my blog tracking on my running session to serve as reminder training for my Kuasa Besar run in 2013.

21 Dec 2012
Got up: 4:30am
Start run: 5:30am
Distance target: 10KM
Distance completed: 5KM

Somehow, mental failure happens in mind and I'm stopped running. Before I'm stop running, I'm trying hard to keep running and after 34 mins, I walked.

Thought I slept for only 5 hours, then keep reviewing, I noticed I had light dinner with bread only after hard session of RPM Challenge new release Track 57.

Another possible, I ran alone. It's the toughest thing to do.

On other matter, I got my P2K team jersey! Yay! It's time to push to another level, although I'm like forever being dropped from the peloton! =.=''

Lastly, Bukit Aman Car Park, due to construction of multiple storey parking going on at site, the car park have become non-park-able with limited parking space left. Sigh.

Oh wait! It's end of world day! Thank god I did my run this morning! Face the end of world day without regret! Haha...

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Friday, December 07, 2012

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Run 2012

Ultra distance. Yet not to be completed by solo runners but 8 runners running from Pacific ocean beach to Indian ocean beach! 

Im looking forward to the run together with Bukit Aman runners! 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Royal Selangor Pewter Postcards series

Two months ago, I brought many many packets of Royal Selangor Pewter (RS) postcards. 

I was told, RS no longer printing new postcards. 

Thus i'm very kiasu, i sekaligus brought a lot of packets. 

It might be the last time i purchase Royal Selangor Pewter postcards. 

Just hope next visit to RS, there's still postcards for me. 

Hope i can find time to visit RS soon. 

As postcards stock are running out fast.... 

i'm really likes RS postcards design. 

It's faith. let it be. 

Last month, November, i sent out 23 Royal Selangor Pewter to worldwide via #postcrossing. :) 

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