Friday, December 21, 2012


Kickstart back my blog tracking on my running session to serve as reminder training for my Kuasa Besar run in 2013.

21 Dec 2012
Got up: 4:30am
Start run: 5:30am
Distance target: 10KM
Distance completed: 5KM

Somehow, mental failure happens in mind and I'm stopped running. Before I'm stop running, I'm trying hard to keep running and after 34 mins, I walked.

Thought I slept for only 5 hours, then keep reviewing, I noticed I had light dinner with bread only after hard session of RPM Challenge new release Track 57.

Another possible, I ran alone. It's the toughest thing to do.

On other matter, I got my P2K team jersey! Yay! It's time to push to another level, although I'm like forever being dropped from the peloton! =.=''

Lastly, Bukit Aman Car Park, due to construction of multiple storey parking going on at site, the car park have become non-park-able with limited parking space left. Sigh.

Oh wait! It's end of world day! Thank god I did my run this morning! Face the end of world day without regret! Haha...

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