Friday, December 28, 2012

Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 2012/2012

As cycling community aware, Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride 1,000 slots were sold out less than 12 hours from the time of registration were open. 

While im lucky enough my friend not able to attend and i'm replacing his slot. 

Okay. This is my first time joining Malakoff Penang Interstate ride. It's not a race, just like my perception of PCC interstate ride. 

This year route, there's no Penang bridge ride. No ferry charter thingy as i can read from the Malakoff event facebook. it's doesnt matter. There's come an issue. As the starting point somewhere 4.9km away from the Butterworth jetty, and the 1st ferry available is 0530am while registration for checks in open from 0530 until 0645am and 0700am flag off. 

Google map shows its only 4.9km, 5 min if by car. 

As cyclist, as part of P2K gang, i'm used to cycle from home to the starting point to meet up with others and begin our ride. Since i'm staying in the downtown Penang, it's very near to Penang Jetty, thus this will be my only way to starting point after much consideration and some calculated risk take into consideration. 
0530 - board ferry 
0600 - reach at Butterworth Jetty and start cycle 
0630 - reach at starting point ! what's an awesome estimate! wahaha.... syok sendiri although the estimation might not be accurate. 

I hope there's also other Penang cyclists have the same thought as me. No point for me to drive to Butterworth via Penang bridge where i'm detour a big big round and worse it's really not environmental friendly when we are cyclist. 

See you all on 31 Dec 2012. 

Cycling going to be last thing to do in 2012 and it's also going to be first thing to do in 2013. :) 


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