Monday, December 24, 2012

231212 - Ride with P2K KKB Ulu Yam

Cycling with P2K.
125KM from Uptown - Kepong / Selayang - Rawang - Serendah - KKB (Kuala Kubu Bahru) - Ulu Yam - Sungai Tua - Batu Caves - Home.

It's huge attendance of many cyclists around 20. Some U-turn half way. 1 of the cyclist are Japanese! He said P2K is very fast, he seems love it!

The 1st 66KM, it's were fast and furious ride on flat from Rawang to KKB after the Templer Park hills. The average speed were 34.5KM/Hr.

I'm surprised I doing quite better on the Templer Park hill ! At least I still can see my other P2K in front, unlike previously no sight of them! Heart rate top at 182 before I decided to slow it down.

From KKB to Ulu Yam, the killing uphills! I'm quite okay in the beginning, and when it's start hill climb, im dropped!

It's going to be long climb, consumed energy gel Vi-Endurance, light gear, high cadence pedal up the Ulu Yam hills. At one point, I'm really exhausted! Legs no power, and even I tried standing climb to gains back momentum can feel the powerless from legs!

After went through the stage, found myself were not far from the end of hills! Continue my seated climb pedaling hard until d top! It's was like on top of world and start descending! Maximum speed of 72KM/Hr hit on the downhills! :)

After downhills, it's some rolling hills and there's 1 last very steep hill ! The same feel of powerless on legs but eventually managed to climb d hill with standing climb in last few hundred meters!

I'm glad I'm doing well in the ride since my long absent in cycling. ( absent for few weeks in road cycling). I think I want to tribute to my RPM sessions before the ride too. It's helps me, somehow, somewhere preparing for the ride.

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