Friday, December 28, 2012

2012/2013 - Happy New Year

Another year. 2012 going to end in 2 days time. This year, it's something different for me. As my previous post, i'm joining Penang Malakoff Interstate Fellowship Ride which will be held on 31 Dec 2012 (Monday) and 1st Jan 2013 (Tuesday). 

While im going to Penang tomorrow, Saturday. Never thought of spending my New Year eve in Penang which it hardly cross in my mind as Penang is too congested during holiday period and festival ! I used to spend my new year eve by sleep at much earlier but it's seem this year un-avoidable.  

2012 ending. 2013 coming. 
There's some rough plan for 2013 which i tweeted it out in 140 characters. Now try to recall what i plan for 2013. 

Running Resolution
Runs a "Kuasa Besar" run which confirmed. 
Runs an Ultra race which in the planning. 
Runs few marathons namely SCKLM, Penang Marathon and lastly SC Marathon Singapore or Chiang Mai marathon! 

While i'm feel much excited about Chiang Mai Marathon which will be held on 22 Dec 2013 

Initial thought: Fly into Chiang Mai via Air Asia and back via trains. It's going to be excited yet might be dam kaw boring train ride. Imagine Chiang Mai to Bangkok 756KM and from Bangkok to KL... it's can take up to 24 hours train journey but this is what i'm going to experience it. Perhaps spending my Christmas eve on the train? haha... 

Cycling Resolution
Basically after April 2013, it's will be off season for running. Then i shall target to achieve cycling mileage 10,000KM clock on my Giant TCR SL3 by year end. Finger cross. :) 

Weekend ride with P2K. 
Quarterly group trip ride. 

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