Thursday, December 27, 2012

271212 - LSD on weekday with group

I knew i need to run. I felt like very long time my legs did not run
on the road.

Time: 5:15am
Venue: Bukit Aman Car Park
Distance: 18km (initially planned 20km, but im too slow, cut short)
Time: 9.55KM - 1:00:57
8:45KM - 0:58:57 (By Polar RCX 5 GPS G5)

Surprisingly, i can wake up without much problem at 3.50am, as i know,
im running with group. There's something i can look forward for the
run! Really shit the #Foreveralone running session, which some time

Today running with my old hydration pack. Without i realized, i think
i have poured in about 1.5 liter of water... thank god, it's not a
burden for me but it do slow down me !

Runs. Runs. Running with the group for 20km distance for the first
time. Their speed are fast. So fast that after KTM, i'm running alone.
Leg muscles are still warming up. Just keep up with my comfortable
pace. 1 thing confirmed felt the changes: Going uphills seem
effortless after 2 days of cycling uphills and some distances with
P2K. Just can feel knees are giving some tiny pains, perhaps few days
no running, rusted. The pains are gone, after i walk a while and
resume back to running back to car park.

Back at BA, the car park condition are at its worst condition due to
clearing work and construction of multiple car park. Soon, runners
like me, are losing a charming and free for all parking venue. Soon
gotta change my running base i guess.

While on other hand... im really "kek sim" to see my Polar RCX 5 watch
showing low battery indicator! I remember i changed the battery some
where this year... can not last for 1 year jek... or perhaps, it's my
Ultra running training and cycling routines ???


Chin Ann

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