Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Since 12 Nov 2011 with Giant TCR SL3 Limited Edition together with P2K

I been off season in cycling since my KOM Ipoh in October. I been running. Running and Ultra running training mode, which im on and off slack on it. In the past 3 days, I'm rejoins back my P2K cycling group on Sunday and today 25 Dec 2012 for Kuala Selangor Christmas ride. Today's attendance were encouraging! Likes to see many cyclists joining for the ride. 

Photo credit to CoachAzwar TriKidz 

I never take note on the odo on my speed meter. Then how come i'm so free to checks on every data available on my speed meter? This is because i had 3 flats, 3 PANCIT in today's ride! i'm totally lost my motivation to continue my ride to Kuala Selangor with the group when i have my second PANCIT / FLAT at KM 33. With "Team Scott" members, we went to Batu Arang for breakfast.... I realized it's were 4 P2K cyclists with SCOTT bikes! No wonder they called "Scott Team" in P2K... haha... healthy competition. 

We were riding at constant speed of 35-37km/hr on our way back to Uptown. When reach at junction to my home ( i cycle from my home ), i said bye bye to them, slowly enjoy my last 2km ride back home from junction whose know, i can feel my tyre is losing pressure! WTF... Not again! Sigh.... 

3 Flats, and i have to push my bike for last 1KM to reach home. At home, took out my meter, and press, press, press and saw this 5,164.5KM. 

Since im into cycling, i'm hardly blog about it. Even my bike, i never blogged about. Within 1 year 13 days, many things happens. My cycling fitness from zero growing together with P2K. I'm really enjoy and learning from the peleton since Nov 2011, and the peak in my cycling fitness was during PCC 3 days inter-states rides from Kajang to Johor Bharu! I'm enjoys cycling outing event with P2K... 

Here's the "Specialized Team" in P2K who managed to complete the Kuala Selangor Christmas ride. 

Photo credit to CoachAzwar TriKidz 

1 year, i can cycle 5,164KM, and in 2013, i want set my cycling resolution - 10,000 KM for 2013 year together with my running resolution - Running ultra races and joining Kuasa Besar race! 

Before going to Penang, i shall pamper my Giant TCR SL3 with nice shoes ! 


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