Thursday, February 25, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

6th Feb 2010 - Saturday

In previous Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 entry, it was my preparation for the night marathon.

Now is the race report!

Event: Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010
Venue: Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya
Date: 6 February 2010
Time: 8.00pm
Distance: 42.195KM
By vin_ann

Its my first ever night marathon! Its my Second marathon after the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) in December 2009. From December to February 2010, Malaysia were having a lots of festival and public holidays! and this causes i train lesser if compared to my training for SCSM!

Putrajaya Night marathon is the first night marathon in Malaysia! Yeah, im feel proud of joining the marathon! Night running is totally different kind of running style! Specially running around Putrajaya, its so humid and hot! Yes, its Hot! The Hot was from ground! i have confidence that i can adopt, as i ran before at night in Putrajaya but never a marathon here.

On 6th February 2010 morning, i joined D'Tour tour around D'House (Digi HQ at Shah Alam) and left the Digi HQ around 5.30pm!

Its was so hot! But on the way to Putrajaya, its rain! But when im reached at Putrajaya, it dry, kering kontang! Immediately when reach at the destination, my stomach give signal and wanted to do big business! Quickly rush to toilet and releases all un-wanted waste to toilet... i keep drinking to hydrate myself...

The race start at 8.00pm.

2XU Elite Compression Pant gang! Yeah... 

CariRunners before we being flag off at 8.00pm. Thank you Tey for the Photo, you're are our greatest photographer! 

8.00pm, we were being flag off! I feel good. My legs were OK, my calf muscles were OK, everything feel good. the only thing i have to adopt is the humid weather at night! argh... breathing is not smooth as in early morning! Lucky im still able to run with my own pace, although many runners keep overtakes me! 

I was so surprising that water stations were available at every 2.5km! Yes, you heard it right, every 2.5km! Hope the coming Standard Chartered KL Marathon can learn from last year mistake and take Putrajaya Night Marathon as benchmark! So as the Energizer Night Race 2010 in 27 March 2010~! 

For the 1st 10km i managed to complete it within 1 hour 15mins timing, its falls under my aims. i continue my pace. At 15km mark, i feel like i need GU Gel to replenish my energy. i have my GU gel just before the water station! 
im having my GU Gel... haha... 

With my speed and im having 1 cup of water at every water station and my problem suddenly come in! My right lower chest suddenly feel pain! oh shit, Houston, i have problems! i tried slowing my run and its not helping! i have to walk and relax to relief the pain! The pain strike not long after i having my 1st GU Gel... not sure what's the problems... Perhaps having too much of water... as i never facing any problems before during training or races. 

i was thinking, OMG, i still have 27km to go! After walking for 10-15 mins, i start to run back, and im feel much better. i keep run walk run walk... at 20km mark, i have spent 2 hrs 45mins. Oh shit, its falls out of my aim already! i have to pick up my speed to have my sub-5 target back! 

On 1 stretch, i paced with 1 runner who from Germany! His hand was holding ICE Water pack... and he said its helping to cool you down and its feel good! hmmm... at 1st i did not bother about his method, but when i reach at the water station, i saw ICE water pack and immediately i requested and put it on my head... argh... i feel relief! But the ice melting faster than i can imaging! 

The hot, humid weather have failed me! im start to feel infamous Hit The Wall... my left calf muscle showing cramp sign! giving warming! The electrical pain shock kind of warming from my left leg muscle, and i immediately stop run and walking.... 

Initially i walking for 5 mins, run for 1 mis.. walks 5 min run 2 mins, as im feel good, i run more walk less... my sifu Terrence and Winnie coming from back and they encourage me! Cheers me! im feel motivated. I wanted to pace with them, but my legs giving warming whenever i wanted to be fast... 

i have to resolve back to walking! At this movement, i realised walk skill are very important! 

When im running, my mind was playing some trick... the counting.. i count stripes on the road... 1 strips 2, 3, 4, keep counting... lost count and re-count again!  Beside counting, im keep thinking thing which motivates me! Happy movement of running, running together... Run, run, run... 

After the U-turn point, i realised there is not more runners on the road! OMG... i can count... 2 runners in front of me, and 2 at my back! Shit.. this is really de-motivates me more!  Unlike in Singapore marathon, all the way have a lots of runners, im wonder how i can achieve my 1st Sub-5 timing in my 1st marathon over there... Motivation really play an important roles! 

im just feel de-motivated. But i cant just give up! i continue playing counting tricks, keep my mind occupied instead of thinking my cramp! Keep playing my motivation wish from her, running movement with her, running motivation from runnersWorld... etc etc... Although im running alone, im still can finishing it! 

Last 100 meters before crossing finishing line... 

Finally im crossing the line... 

With this, i managed to complete my marathon with 6 hours 40second!  In this marathon, i have consumed 4 GU Gel and 1 Power Gel... When im crossing the finishing line, i wanted to sprint the last 50 meters but im my muscle protest again! i have to walking to cross the line! 

Finally im crossing the finishing line and i was so relief... As usual, my CariRunners gang, we Camera-whoring! 

With CariRunners tiny banners

The back of Finisher-T design quite nice! 

Star shape finisher medal... 

Front view

Back view 

ops.. dun know when it was taken! 

Since the Putrajaya marathon, i get to know there are many runners also hit the wall... night marathon is really testing runners body! and i get to know that there are runners who heart attack and die during the marathon! Wow.. this is sad... 

Learning experience in Putrajaya night marathon, i shall be tackle all the problems and going to running strong in the coming Energizer Night Race 2010 full marathon at Cyberjaya! 

After the marathon, i drive back and im almost wanted falls sleep! Lucky im managed to reach home safely and have shower and immediately i falls sleep without fails at 3.30am. On the next day, i automatically wake up around 9.30am! Went out buy breakfast and continue to rest... Amazingly, my leg did not feel much pain! 

In the evening, i went out to Tmn Megah to play badminton with my friends! Wow.. yesterday ran a 42.195km marathon and the next day i still can play badminton! Im really cant believed myself. I was wondering how she can do it last time where morning running and evening playing badminton! Now i know how she done it. I shd have joined her on badminton session but its too late now. 

This round, my post marathon run, i can start running back within few days time, unlike my post Singapore marathon run, im tooks about 2 weeks time to start running back! Guess, this round i have 2XU Elite Compression pant to helps me on faster recovery as i wear it overnight for 2 nights... and i feel greater each day! 

I love my 2XU Elite Compression pant! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

D'Tour D'House

6th February 2010

Yeah, i won the D'tour visit on facebook. i got the chance to visit Digi HQ at Shah Alam!

Reached at D'house sharp 11.00am! Lucky im not lost on the way to D'house! 

im just loving the D'house environment! 

Photo by Digi camaraman...ops shd be Camara-women 

Everything is nice, and i feel good about the D'tour. But suddenly just the movement before the event started, my phone rang! omg... its Saturday and im enjoying my D'tour and now my phone rang. 

Phone rang is ok, but is my boss who calling me! Gosh... Shit... Shit happened! Argh... my heavenly mode was crashed to hell... Solving my boss problems... calling party A, calling party B... and lastly calling my colleague! 

i been busy going in and out... waiting party A to revert... waiting party B to response... The waiting really suffering! Lastly, called my colleague, since he got the Blackberry and he was my last person to call to solve the problem! Since then, my mood slowly raise back to earth...

Problem solved. now can continue back with photos. 

Green team! Weee.... 

Working environment in D'house! 

Feel so peaceful 

Lunch = my carbo loading for the Putrajaya Night Marathon later 

Free Flow of New Zealand Natural Ice-cream! Weeee 


Playground... workout place to do some de-stress 

Lastly the Digi!!! 

Lastly, before ending, i was surprised by Digi D'Tour.. They were inviting all the birthday boys/girls in Jan to March going up the stage! 

Wow, birthday Song was sing and happy birthday wishes by Digi! Thank you Digi, you have makes D'Tour a memorable tour for me! 

The view can be view at Digi's Facebook here. 

Finally managed to upload the video to youtube! weee 

The D'Tour end around 5.30pm and after that im heading to Putrajaya Night Marathon venue at Dataran Putrajaya or Justice of Palace at Putrajaya which start at 8.00pm! 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Runners and Foods

20th February 2010 - Saturday

Potluck CNY Breakfast Run was today! Its was successful and a lots of runners contribute their specialty and we all get to enjoy all sort of foods!

We are runners, people always thinks runners always eat healthy food... but we are Malaysian! We just eat what we love to eat!

In our Potluck, Nasi Lemak were the best selling food! Followed by Ayam Rendang!

Nasi Lemak ! 

Im having the last pack of Nasi Lemak!Hehe.. now im taking Ayam Rendang to be eaten with Nasi lemak! Yummy! 

All sort of coffee... Oldtown White Coffee! Wee... 


Bread and cakes! 


Mandarin Oranges 

Herbal Egg... the last 1... 

ice-cooled drinks! 


Wholemeal Bread from Westin Hotel!!! Too bad, its was not hot selling as nasi lemak! 

Lastly, the most important, Mr Wan's Teh Tarik!!! Teh Tarik being pull out of labour of love! Its also hot selling! High demand! 

Most of the food were finished 

Left some bread and snacks... 

Initially, the potluck was initial by Su Mei, with aim of target not many runners... but its turn out to be a big group of runners joining the potluck! We all enjoy the food and also chit-chat session, exchange tips on running, knowing more new running gang / friends, and also sharing on oversea marathon experience and etc etc etc... 

Everyone have their own topic and question to ask! 
From fast runner until slow runners; 
From beginner until the marathoner;
From marathoner until Ultra marathoner;
From marathoner until Ironman; 

some share, some ask... Sharing is caring! 

Pictures are from Chooi Wan, thank you for your beautiful photos!  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365 - #44

13th February 2010 - Saturday

Its hot in my hometown! HOT HOT HOT...  Basically today, nothing to do, but helping mum preparing on the food for reunion diner at night. I spend most of my time blogging!

At 5.30pm, i wanted to go running, but 5.30pm was so HOT.. im only start running around 6.00pm! But it still hot! im wondering how im going to survive my Energizer Night Race which start at 5.00pm! WTF..

The Sun so big!
Serdang have 1 big lake! so im running around the lake! 

Project 365 - #43

12th February 2010 - Friday

Firday was "Balik Kampung Day" (Back to HOmetown) or Journey to North which i blog yesterday!

But before i can start my journey i need to service my car! My vivi is due for 57,450 km service!

i reached at the Off Jalan 222, behind Campbell factory Perodua Service Centre around 9.05am and im was the 3th customers!!!

 My Vivi 
Initially the normal service are just 1 hour, but due to my complaints, and my vivi's leg have to do some skimming, i have to waits for 2 hours...  Time wasted and more money spended... Argh... 

Lucky im not in hurry! 

Project 365 - #42

11th February 2010 - Thursday!

Today is the last day of the week! im going to on leave after this and yet today is the most busiest day ever!

My office, my new office is having office warming! All the big bosses are attending! Pressure Pressure! We can not make any mistake!

 Getting ready for the LAO SANG!!! 

Woot, i have my 1st ever Lao Sang in my life... 

Project 365 - #41

10th February 2010 - Wednesday

Its 14th Feb 2010 now, im now clueless what im doing on Wednesday 10th Feb 2010, but im do sure i know im damm busy! argh...

taking another route / short cut to work.. 

Its quite jamm in these few days before CNY... 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wishes - HUAT ar!

I wishes everyone HUAT (Prosperous) AR... 
With this, everyone will HUAT even MORE! 

Wishing everyone will get bigger ang pao! includes me as well! hehe... 

For her, who at far far away land, i wishes you Happy Chinese New Year from my deepest heart. 
Always take good care of yourselves and run more! 


For runners, wishing you good knees, good races and good finishing times! 

Journey To North - 12th Feb 2010

Yes, you heard it right, journey to North but not to West. Its my journey back to my hometown in Kedah Serdang via North South HIghway or PLUS. Yes, Kedah also got Serdang! Dun play play! not only Selangor have, Kedah also have! hehe...

In the morning 9.00am, i have my car serviced... it suppose to be 1 hour services, but due to my complaints, and they need another 1 more hours to fix my complaint! argh... i delayed my journey to North from morning to afternnon!

Before i start my journey to North, i stopped by at BHP Petrol station for refill... im just loving the BHP
reward system! i redeemed 4 bottles of Nescafe and 1 Kit Kat... weeee.....

I started my journey around 2pm and i touched (Touch n Go - paying toll system) at the Duta Toll around 2.15pm! Lucky its was not so jamm... Everyone are busy praying! hehe

The day was so HOT.. so Sunshine! A lot of cars on the road, but its smooth! When 1st its slow moving at the fast lane ( the most right lane), im was wondering how come fast lane become slower lane compared to middle lane and the slow lane (the most left lane). Why? Why? i want to maintain my speed at 110km/hr also can not achieved at fast lane! This shd not be happening!

i got fed up, and i received sms from friends and i change to slow lane or middle lane to slow down n read SMS... guess what... slow lane and middle lane no car! WTF...

No car at middle n slow lane! WTF... all the slow drivers have drove the fast lane! Pity the Alpha, have to slow down and follow the slow driver! 

Driving alone in highway are not fun. Its Boring! and worse, if i did not have my peanut snack with me, i would have falls sleep! So, i need to find some entertainment to keep me awake! hehe... 

Since middle lane and slow lane lesser cars, im just drive as normal and overtake those in fast lane! hehe... The slow driver force me to do so! i know its not the proper ways... but people just change when the situation forcing them! 

People, below are "my definition" of slow lane, middle lane and fast lane! 

Fast lane - Ideally its mean for those who drive 110km/ hr which are the legal speed limits in Malaysia! But here is Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Can ! So its shd be the below: 
Fast lane are mean 
1) For those who drive big car anything above 2,000CC... oh, with some exception also for some Turbo-kancil! 
2) For those who ON / FLASH their headlamp in day time! This group of ppl, must respect, they just speed, smoke you in second! you block them, you kena FLASH! 
3) For those who drive basically above 120km/hr. Respect, they have the nut to drive above 120km/hr given the suck road condition (must contribute to PLUS highway) , yes above 120km/hr, anything above 120km/hr you name it, they drive it! 

Middle Lane - Ideally its mean for those who not driving 110km/hr below the legal speed limits in Malaysia.
Basically, nothing to comment on middle lane, its for slower driver than fast lane driver, must respect for their patient for driving all the journey in middle lane! 

Slow Lane - Ideally its for TRUCK / BAS which drive anything below 80km/ hour. But due to Malaysia Boleh case, The express BAS will drive at 110km/hr.. 

Pity the BMW, have to follow Myvi butt... Malaysia Boleh! 

My journey to North starting from Duta TOLL was smooth! 3 Lanes all the ways... and im mostly driving on my slow and middle lane with 110km/hr overtaking lots of car... its fun! its different kind of feel! Feel pity for those big car get stuck behind slow driver who just loves the fast lane! 
The road are so empty at certain part! 
my joy ended when its come to Slim River where 3 lanes become 2 lanes! Argh.. lucky, my joy was back after get into the 2 lanes. its become smooth again! constant 110km./hr... 

my joy was short live! massive jamm in front around km 336... its start to jammmm! 

No car driving Emergency lane, guess everyone is successfully brain wash by traffic department? 

im wrong! People just need a leader to start the Emergency driving! 1st car to come from far! 

When the traffic were standstill, i immediately took photos!  Initially no car are driving at Emergency lane! but soon or later, people start to drive Emergency Lane! 

Proudly present Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia CAN) Emergency lane drivers!  
Potong Driver
Vios Driver

Wah...Follow rules Singaporean become Unfollow rules Singaporean when in Malaysia, the driver must be follow Malaysia Slogan! Malaysia Boleh!  can not blame the driver! 
ANother Potong driver 
2nd vios drivers
Altis driver
forget the name, and Kenari drivers
Myvi driver too... 
Kelisa driver 

Im proudly announced that the yearly Brain Wash Advertisement or Ops Sikap by traffic department are FAIL... People just drove Emergency Lane! Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can) ! On the spot Summons?  Nah! where got? Did not see any police traffic cop also... FAILs... Just dont know why Traffic Cop are not shouting Malaysia Boleh, issue summons la! 

Blogging so long, its advertisement time! haha...

Harrier driver

Fire department car - Unit Pengesan 

They got nut, yet they come to a point they will hurry cut back to slow lane! Either saw police in front or come to a point where no more Emergency lane for them to drive, meaning there's accident in front!

Basically, the Emergency Lane users did not limits to any specific drivers... only for those who have nut!

Emergency lane occupied by the car accident! Hmmm... i was there around 4.00pm i guess... the traffic jamm consider not too long as my friend who start later than me, get stuck at traffic jamm for quite some time!

After the accident spot, its smooth all the way to North! Smooth! Although its two lane, not much cars also.
 Wondering why PLUS send people to standby at the road side? 

Stopped at Simpang Pulai rest area and brought 2 packs of Jambu back home! 

i passby Ipoh around 4.30pm! i guess.. i thinks... 

its so pretty! 
sadly in KL still hardly can find it on the road! only managed to spot once ! 
During my whole journey to North, im only spotted this the only 1 FORTE on the road! 
 Stop by at the Sg Perak rest area! One of my favourite rest stop on normal day! 
FOC nescafe! im loving it... i have 3 cups! 

im just loving nescafe! 
Tropicana orange juice also giving free juice by female promoters! i can see everyone are rushing to her but not me!!
Bcoz im having my all time favourite sports drinks after nescafe!! Gatorade! hehe 
Sg Perak Rest area really changed a lots... 

Advertisement time! KDK fan !!! 
Last pic for the entry! its Mat Rempit style riding! Half superman... his leg did not take up fully... 
FYI, he was doing it for the sack of aerodynamic! lower his head and body, the wind dragging will be minimized and he can ride faster! His speed when overtake me was over 110km/hr! 
But this style only last for few minutes, im subsequently managed overtake him at speed of 110km/hr! hehe... 

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