Saturday, February 20, 2010

Runners and Foods

20th February 2010 - Saturday

Potluck CNY Breakfast Run was today! Its was successful and a lots of runners contribute their specialty and we all get to enjoy all sort of foods!

We are runners, people always thinks runners always eat healthy food... but we are Malaysian! We just eat what we love to eat!

In our Potluck, Nasi Lemak were the best selling food! Followed by Ayam Rendang!

Nasi Lemak ! 

Im having the last pack of Nasi Lemak!Hehe.. now im taking Ayam Rendang to be eaten with Nasi lemak! Yummy! 

All sort of coffee... Oldtown White Coffee! Wee... 


Bread and cakes! 


Mandarin Oranges 

Herbal Egg... the last 1... 

ice-cooled drinks! 


Wholemeal Bread from Westin Hotel!!! Too bad, its was not hot selling as nasi lemak! 

Lastly, the most important, Mr Wan's Teh Tarik!!! Teh Tarik being pull out of labour of love! Its also hot selling! High demand! 

Most of the food were finished 

Left some bread and snacks... 

Initially, the potluck was initial by Su Mei, with aim of target not many runners... but its turn out to be a big group of runners joining the potluck! We all enjoy the food and also chit-chat session, exchange tips on running, knowing more new running gang / friends, and also sharing on oversea marathon experience and etc etc etc... 

Everyone have their own topic and question to ask! 
From fast runner until slow runners; 
From beginner until the marathoner;
From marathoner until Ultra marathoner;
From marathoner until Ironman; 

some share, some ask... Sharing is caring! 

Pictures are from Chooi Wan, thank you for your beautiful photos!  

3 comments: said...

even though i am not joining but i still can feel the fun of it through this post!

vin_ann said...

the excitement part will be at another entry! hehe...

Ken Wooi said...

nice.. lots of food =)

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