Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

3-2-10 Wednesday

Today is the 1st day of bib collection of the Putrajaya Night Marathon at the Wisma OCM. 
Follow the signbroad.... this is my 1st time come to this place to collect. Usually bib collection is done at hall, just opposite the Hotel entrance, but this time is not. Its above KL Dance Association. 
Going up 1 floor 
Turn right masuk
Yeah.. its Air Cond.. Otakgone (KL Marathon organiser) shd learnt from TwentyFirst Century Sport!
Otakgone - KL Marathon organiser look carefully who organising this marathon! 
You are the 1st in Malaysia, you have my support! 
Wee.. mu bib number A0034... 
Back of the vest. So far, i did not have any White color vest. its suitable for night running! Weee.. i liked the color.
=.=''' Im wanted to faint when i saw my name... Grrrr 
My running wear for the marathon 42.195km!

Here is the maps of 42.195km, created by Choi, my trusted running gang and also my Saucony Shoe supplier.

Lastly, my timing target is aim at Sub-5. Im going to hit it again for her after my First Sub-5 Singapore Marathon in Dec 2009.

All the best to myself on 6th Feb 2010, 8.00pm. 

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