Thursday, February 04, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010


Bib, vest, and chip were collected. Now its time for preparation for the marathon.

hmmm... which to start with first le....

Ok, start with favourite shoe, Suacony Triumph 6 Green Hornet. I tie the timing chip on it to save the hassle on Saturday. 

after shoe, its sock. Its Injinji technical sock (Get it from Choi )  which give me peace of mind when running. Since im wearing Injinji, i have no blister problems on my leg! Fu yoh!  

These will be my energy snack before the run. 

Weider Energy Jelly. Im going to hold this pack to run while hydrate myself for the 1st 10km with the jelly. 

After the Weider Energy Jelly, next would be the GU Energy Gel for some real energy boast. Carrying 4 of these while running, how? Please proceed to next pic. 

Its SPI Belt (Small Personal Items). Its can fit up to 5 GU Gels... and perhaps 6. 

My bib number will be tied with the SPI belt as its being hanged by bib holder. its very convenience and save the hassle of pin the bib number on the vest. 

Lastly, my attire. The official vest with my 2XU Elite Compression Pant. Yeah... 

This how im going to be looks like after wearing the 2XU pant. 

Tomorrow, Friday, its going to be my last day of Carbo loading and also on Saturday too. But on Saturday, going to cut down on food intake. 

Anyways, Saturday morning 11.00 until 5pm, im going to D'Tour Digi HQ D'House! Going to enjoy the visit and at evening just run... run...  

3 comments: said...

hope u will win!!!!! yet another prof runner!!!!!
nanged you. nang this to meet the Tiger Lady of 2010!

怪咖 Jackson W. said...

hi, where to get such a X2u pant.

vin_ann said...


I got it from a running friend.

i thinks now you can get it from running Lab @ Tropicana city, which just newly open.

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