Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Potluck CNY Breakfast Run

Dear Runners,

You are invited to join  a  Potluck CNY Breakfast run on 20 Feb 2010 at Bkt Aman car park

Runners Malaysia and some of the regular running grps plan to have a potluck breakfast after their regular run. 

For those who want to join a short run (5km), you can join Runners Malaysia at 7.30am at the carpark. 

If you wish to run 10k or 20k, we will keep you updated as there may be some grps running those distances, earlier for longer distance. Basically, we run our regular runs and just meet up at the carpark around 8+am for breakfast. 

Hope to see you at the breakfast run! Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays, have a healthy, prosperous and great year ahead!

First timer? No worry, you are welcome to join us Runners Malaysia beginner running program ! 

Start your healthy lifestyle with running in Chinese New Year 2010!! Your will never find yourselves be the same again once you started your running. 


Ken Wooi said...

i think i gotta jog more.. or run.. getting fatter on the tummy =P

Elaine New said...

wats grps? n where's bukit aman? hahahaha!

vin_ann said...

Runners Malaysia group.

Bukit Aman Car Park is nearby at Lake Garden or KL Bird Park!

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