Saturday, February 13, 2010

Journey To North - 12th Feb 2010

Yes, you heard it right, journey to North but not to West. Its my journey back to my hometown in Kedah Serdang via North South HIghway or PLUS. Yes, Kedah also got Serdang! Dun play play! not only Selangor have, Kedah also have! hehe...

In the morning 9.00am, i have my car serviced... it suppose to be 1 hour services, but due to my complaints, and they need another 1 more hours to fix my complaint! argh... i delayed my journey to North from morning to afternnon!

Before i start my journey to North, i stopped by at BHP Petrol station for refill... im just loving the BHP
reward system! i redeemed 4 bottles of Nescafe and 1 Kit Kat... weeee.....

I started my journey around 2pm and i touched (Touch n Go - paying toll system) at the Duta Toll around 2.15pm! Lucky its was not so jamm... Everyone are busy praying! hehe

The day was so HOT.. so Sunshine! A lot of cars on the road, but its smooth! When 1st its slow moving at the fast lane ( the most right lane), im was wondering how come fast lane become slower lane compared to middle lane and the slow lane (the most left lane). Why? Why? i want to maintain my speed at 110km/hr also can not achieved at fast lane! This shd not be happening!

i got fed up, and i received sms from friends and i change to slow lane or middle lane to slow down n read SMS... guess what... slow lane and middle lane no car! WTF...

No car at middle n slow lane! WTF... all the slow drivers have drove the fast lane! Pity the Alpha, have to slow down and follow the slow driver! 

Driving alone in highway are not fun. Its Boring! and worse, if i did not have my peanut snack with me, i would have falls sleep! So, i need to find some entertainment to keep me awake! hehe... 

Since middle lane and slow lane lesser cars, im just drive as normal and overtake those in fast lane! hehe... The slow driver force me to do so! i know its not the proper ways... but people just change when the situation forcing them! 

People, below are "my definition" of slow lane, middle lane and fast lane! 

Fast lane - Ideally its mean for those who drive 110km/ hr which are the legal speed limits in Malaysia! But here is Malaysia, Malaysia Boleh, Malaysia Can ! So its shd be the below: 
Fast lane are mean 
1) For those who drive big car anything above 2,000CC... oh, with some exception also for some Turbo-kancil! 
2) For those who ON / FLASH their headlamp in day time! This group of ppl, must respect, they just speed, smoke you in second! you block them, you kena FLASH! 
3) For those who drive basically above 120km/hr. Respect, they have the nut to drive above 120km/hr given the suck road condition (must contribute to PLUS highway) , yes above 120km/hr, anything above 120km/hr you name it, they drive it! 

Middle Lane - Ideally its mean for those who not driving 110km/hr below the legal speed limits in Malaysia.
Basically, nothing to comment on middle lane, its for slower driver than fast lane driver, must respect for their patient for driving all the journey in middle lane! 

Slow Lane - Ideally its for TRUCK / BAS which drive anything below 80km/ hour. But due to Malaysia Boleh case, The express BAS will drive at 110km/hr.. 

Pity the BMW, have to follow Myvi butt... Malaysia Boleh! 

My journey to North starting from Duta TOLL was smooth! 3 Lanes all the ways... and im mostly driving on my slow and middle lane with 110km/hr overtaking lots of car... its fun! its different kind of feel! Feel pity for those big car get stuck behind slow driver who just loves the fast lane! 
The road are so empty at certain part! 
my joy ended when its come to Slim River where 3 lanes become 2 lanes! Argh.. lucky, my joy was back after get into the 2 lanes. its become smooth again! constant 110km./hr... 

my joy was short live! massive jamm in front around km 336... its start to jammmm! 

No car driving Emergency lane, guess everyone is successfully brain wash by traffic department? 

im wrong! People just need a leader to start the Emergency driving! 1st car to come from far! 

When the traffic were standstill, i immediately took photos!  Initially no car are driving at Emergency lane! but soon or later, people start to drive Emergency Lane! 

Proudly present Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia CAN) Emergency lane drivers!  
Potong Driver
Vios Driver

Wah...Follow rules Singaporean become Unfollow rules Singaporean when in Malaysia, the driver must be follow Malaysia Slogan! Malaysia Boleh!  can not blame the driver! 
ANother Potong driver 
2nd vios drivers
Altis driver
forget the name, and Kenari drivers
Myvi driver too... 
Kelisa driver 

Im proudly announced that the yearly Brain Wash Advertisement or Ops Sikap by traffic department are FAIL... People just drove Emergency Lane! Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can) ! On the spot Summons?  Nah! where got? Did not see any police traffic cop also... FAILs... Just dont know why Traffic Cop are not shouting Malaysia Boleh, issue summons la! 

Blogging so long, its advertisement time! haha...

Harrier driver

Fire department car - Unit Pengesan 

They got nut, yet they come to a point they will hurry cut back to slow lane! Either saw police in front or come to a point where no more Emergency lane for them to drive, meaning there's accident in front!

Basically, the Emergency Lane users did not limits to any specific drivers... only for those who have nut!

Emergency lane occupied by the car accident! Hmmm... i was there around 4.00pm i guess... the traffic jamm consider not too long as my friend who start later than me, get stuck at traffic jamm for quite some time!

After the accident spot, its smooth all the way to North! Smooth! Although its two lane, not much cars also.
 Wondering why PLUS send people to standby at the road side? 

Stopped at Simpang Pulai rest area and brought 2 packs of Jambu back home! 

i passby Ipoh around 4.30pm! i guess.. i thinks... 

its so pretty! 
sadly in KL still hardly can find it on the road! only managed to spot once ! 
During my whole journey to North, im only spotted this the only 1 FORTE on the road! 
 Stop by at the Sg Perak rest area! One of my favourite rest stop on normal day! 
FOC nescafe! im loving it... i have 3 cups! 

im just loving nescafe! 
Tropicana orange juice also giving free juice by female promoters! i can see everyone are rushing to her but not me!!
Bcoz im having my all time favourite sports drinks after nescafe!! Gatorade! hehe 
Sg Perak Rest area really changed a lots... 

Advertisement time! KDK fan !!! 
Last pic for the entry! its Mat Rempit style riding! Half superman... his leg did not take up fully... 
FYI, he was doing it for the sack of aerodynamic! lower his head and body, the wind dragging will be minimized and he can ride faster! His speed when overtake me was over 110km/hr! 
But this style only last for few minutes, im subsequently managed overtake him at speed of 110km/hr! hehe... 


Elaine New said...

eyes on the road! keep takin pic while drivin! XP o was it some1 else drivin? haha.

TNS said...

the 1 in MY is called Naza Forte, jatuh std sia

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