Monday, February 08, 2010

Project 365 - #38

7th February 2010 - Sunday

My Putrajaya Night marathon start 8.00pm and im expected i will be completing the 42.195km marathon around 12.57am which was sub-5 but im wrong! im hit the wall... only back at 2.00am!

On Sunday, im just resting! but amazingly, i sleep at 3.30am and automatic wake up around 9.30am!

Evening, friends finally confirmed on the badminton session! So im just went out to join them!

Its been quite long long time i did not hit the badminton court! Lucky my badminton skill with me! haha... 
Surprisingly, i still can play for 1 hours... didnt suffer any major muscle pain during the games! 
But now after 1 night im enjoying the pain... lucky its not that pain! 

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