Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 The North Face 100 - TNF100

Last few days saw this 2011 The North Face 100 poster on my facebook feed. 
Im always heard my running friend mentioning about this TNF100 but im not really know any details about it. 
TNF is another kind of running mind game which totally different from what's im doing now in running a road race marathon. 

TNF is a trail running and its not easy to run in trail where you go hike up hills and run on muddy road. 

The rules and regulations always become straighter and a lots of rules have to follow. The cut of time for 100km duo is 9 hours ( Time for 1 runner to run 50km). 

My normal 42km marathon timing is around 5 hours to 6 hours, but 9 hours for 50km.. This is so challenging !
The TNF for 2011 in Singapore falls on 15 Oct 2011. Registration open on coming 16 May 2011. 
This is interesting. hmmm...   

More details:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chief's Original Bootcamp Vs Running - 58 days to Ultra Sundown

Remember my previous post on  70 Days ++ to Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon with Original Bootcamp ? Its now under 60 days remaining and im attended 2 free trails and 2 official session of Chief's original bootcamp at Damansara heights session. 

On 25 April, Monday, its was Milkadeal official 1st Chief's Original Bootcamp started. Its was a test to test how fast you can finish 400meters + 10 push up + 10 grant + 15 sit up X 3 sets. 
Its was awesome! 

This photo was taken on Monday. 

On Tuesday, i ran 10.8km double hill at 5.30am together with my running gang and im managed to follow them all the way ! (Sad to tell you that all this while im slowed down after 5km ) but i managed to follow my gang and im even run while going up hill... ! Without realizing my running is improved! My timing was 1hr11mins, my best ever time since she was leaving. 

On Wednesday, its Bootcamp! After the monday test, i was given Seal rank! There's Rangers, Seal & Delta. 
Rangers - do 10 times 
Seal - do 12 times 
Delta - do 15 times for each workup! But unfortunately due to no people at Delta line, few of us went to line up together with them... Its was terrible awesome workout ! Argh....  

Photo taken after the bootcamp... 
i looks miserable but im survived! hehe 

The bootcamp was on Wednesday evening, and im decided to join my running gang on Thursday morning run again, try to see how my body able to react ! In another word, trying to push my body to limits! So the next day 4.00am wake up and 5.30am we ran double hill route, 10.8km. 

Since on Tuesday, i managed to run 1:11 timing, i know im feel the same on Thursday, im keep my speed with the group and in the final stretch, i try to push harder on myself... 
Its was another wonderful run ! Its heaven! im feel great and my timing is 1:08 ! 

I look good! I feel good after 10.8km run ! haha 
Its all thanks to hell bootcamp! 

Its just beginning of the bootcamp session ! hope my body able to cope with this intensive workout Mon, Wed and Fri are bootcamp and Tues & Thurs are running! 

Saturday, im definitely need a complete rest for Sunday Long Slow Distance running for 30km ! 

All the best Chin Ann! 


Men's Health & Shape Night Run 2011

Date: 30th July 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya, Precinct 3

  • 12.3km
  • 5km
Entry Fee:
  • 12.3km - RM50
  • 5km - RM40
Closing Date: 30th June 2011 (Thursday) at 5:00pm

Entry Form: Men-s-Health-SHAPE-Run-11-Registration-Form


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Virgin London Marathon 2012

The ballot for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon 2012 is NOW open and apply online now for your chance to take part  Its was open 2 hours ago and within 2 hours ago, its reported half full in the Virgin London Marathon Facebook. 

Previously I was came to know about Virgin London Marathon from Runner's World magazine and its did not left any impression to me. Its just another marathon in London. 

Until recently when Sifu Terrence was having conversation with Azran Osman Rani talking about Virgin London Marathon during one of our running session when we met him half way in the run.  I was only then come to realized Virgin London Marathon are to hard to join! Its been years my Sifu Terrence trying... 

Today, now i know why its so hard to get a place for Virgin London Marathon! You gotta need a lucky star strike on you in the ballot system just like popular Tokyo Marathon. 

Now with the Air Asia X flight to London, its going to be more Malaysians flying to London for Virgin London Marathon a.k.a for vocation. 

Wish Sifu Terrence and his wife Maybel can get strike by lucky star for Virgin London Marathon 2012.  

I wish one day i can run Virgin London Marathon. Its just a dream for me now. 

NST Life & Times - Running

Its was on 16 April 2011, which i mentioned in Energizer Night Race 2011 as 42km Runner that we were running Bukit Tunku double hill route in the early morning as part of our 70km training on that day. 

On our way back to Bukit Aman Car Park, in front of the Selangor Istana, we were asked by the NST reporter for photo shooting. 
We, Terrence, Winnie, Agnes, Bryan, Andrew, Pui San and me 7 people were stop and agreed to the NST reporter. 

If you noticed, there's only 6 of us (exclude the green jacket guy as he was also another runner who also so happened run pass) Where is SiFu Terrence? hehe... Guess where was Terrence! 

Nice photo. Thank you NST reporter. 

Full story of Life & Times on RUN FOR YOUR LIFE can be found here: 

Monday, April 25, 2011














Remark: 难道这就是真的关于女人吗?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sundown Ultra Marathon - Running Route Updated

Its about 62 days more to Sundown Ultra 100km marathon. 
Updated on the route and water stations, medical support, snacks station & sponges! 

This is going to be excited race ! 
Its my 1st ever Ultra marathon 100km ! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celcom iPhone 4 is Kambing on 22 April 2011

Celcom might be the late comer on the introduction of the iPhone4, but this give them some sort of advantage to position themselves to market iPhone 4 in Malaysia.

As you can see the photo below, Celcom is targeting business community for the iPhone 4. Celcom is introducing iPhone 4 to business community first and not the public unlike Maxis & DiGi.

Photo taken from LYN posted by soft_hacker forumer. Thank you. 

Let's wait and see how's Celcom going to position themselves regards on the calling plan and data plan. 
The heat is once again become hotter. 

Boston Marathon - This should be the way for fun run!

Will be ever ever can enjoy this kind of marathon environment in Malaysia? Nope, its just a dream.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running @ Sepang International Circuit

Im just love this photo! We were warming up running @ Sepang International Formula One Circuit! 

Photo taken by Ronnie Goh. Thank you! 

8 of us, we were training for Sundown Ultramarathon 100km. That's why we were running on the F1 track at 5:30pm way before the race start and before the sky get darker! 

Its was a wonderful experience on that evening running on F1 track ! I wish there's will be more run organised @ Sepang International Circuit ! 

On 16 April, we managed to clock 70km in total. 

Hoorey... ! 


While Energizer Night Race Malaysia generally agree to have refund to everyone. But not all are hoping for refund. Below are note from Karen's facebook:

Who cant be pissed off coming back from a marathon run only to find out that the Organiser were no longer at the event (or rather stop carrying out their duties)!!!!!! Then came the shockwaves of complaints lambasted across FB. Of course, i contributed to the complaints.
Then came the issue of Refunds from i thought, should this be done?  The were 60 runners who demanded and somehow were promised refunds.  Is this legally correct? In fact i would like to answer it as Would This Be Fair?
Before i answer this from a simple legal standpoint of view or equitable principle, lets see the scenario of how the FIASCO started.

A video posted on the collection of goodie bags and medals that night showed this :
The Organisers defintely did not prepare enough staff/crew to handle this.  The medals were in boxes and were not prepared to be given out systematically.   The delay prompted excessively long queue and the longer it became the less it could quell the emotions of tired participants.
Then an outburst... There were scenes of participants taking action into their own hand.    
Crowd control from the organisers was bad, they shouted like fishmongers and threw bags in midair for participants to catch. Then what could be no worser, they brought down the shutters to the collection area and called the police. Police forces forcing the participants to leave left an indelible image of injustice.

This is the diagnosis :
Crowd control by organiser was done in a very unprofessional way, in my opinion and failed to cut down possible damage. Incited and incensed by this, the crowd of participant who took things into their hands werent cooperative and some dealt with the issue in a manner  not called for.
I hv read that participants admittedly grabbed the medals themselves. Runners who ran 11km taking 21km medals and others for different categories.  This is also not right if you ask me.   I ran the marathon and came back to NOTHINGNESS BUT I WOULDNT HAVE taken any medal in that manner.
The CROWD CONTROL FAILED because of  Bad Management by race organisers (which is now an issue because apparently the so-called Race Director is not the Race director for this event! blimey!)
AND THIS FAILURE  heralded more shortcomings for runners to voice out....TUNNEL OF DEATH, CAR PARK issues, CLOSURE of water stop in the circuit, LACK of Signages ...and blah blah all sorts of complaints.
However, Lets not forget we have runners who cheated too and/or grabbed the medals and took off with too take a look at the situation from a different standpoint.
Underlying factor is that the ORGANISER failed to deliver a Good Run and manage the event  it  in a most unprofessional standard.

On these grounds can you ask for a refund?
In summary for layman's understanding:
When one asks for a refund, it means a recision...this means you are put into a position where you were before you have signed the contract. (when you registered and paid you have a contract).
This cannot be possible as  (1)  Energizer  has delivered what they have promised....a night Race.  That they did though in a deplorably unprofessional manner.   (2)  you have run the race too. 
So all those 60 runners who have asked for refunds and were promised refunds....without offence, i will say to you, it is not fair nor right for you to demand for refund.  There have been cost incurred to getting this race organised too.  Sure, we can suspect that the Organisers reaped plenty of profits from here but there are other remedies and other avenues to demand for a sub- standard race. 
You can demand from Energizer, your contractual rights ie, the finisher tee and the medal(plus the certification).. And this, They Have CONTRACTUALLY FAILED TO Deliver to you.   You may write them a  3 day's notice to them to which failure to deliver after the 3 days would entitle you to damages (compensation in money form).  And this is what we should do....ask for compensation for late delivery of our medals and finisher tee.  Set an amount of money as compensation  if they fail to deliver within  a period we have set out too. (normally 7 days period is taken as the reasonable period and the amount fair for compensation would be the cost of the finisher tee and the medal including the cost you have incurred to ask for compensation ie travelling, postal)
Presently, the organisers ought to set up a counter to cater for the runners/ participants who have GENUINELY yet to get their finisher tee and/or medal. ( i havent got my finisher tee, so GENUINELY i shall only demand for the tee...ooh and yes the headlamp i didnt get). However, Energizer may have problems of identifying who has taken the finisher tee or the medal or the headlamps.
ALso,  always remember when we want to seek a legal redress,  you must go in with clean hands you have not done anything wrong on your part.  Please dont go ask for redress when you have grabbed 10 medals and ran off with it, or if you have taken your medals mistakenly of other categories and decide to keep them.  Be Fair too. :-) .

After reading all these, will you still ask for refund?

For me as runner, and also many other runners, we share same thought:
We only want Finisher medal, Finisher T and Certificate. A recognition of us completing the run !

Thank you Karen for allowing me to share your note on facebook. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Statement for Energizer Night Race from Energizer Malaysia

Er.. Refund? Good news! but
Can i request for another round of running on Sepang F1 track only? You can keep my money. 
I want to run on Sepang F1 track again!  

Energizer Night Race 2011 as 42km Runner

I thinks by now everyone know Energizer Night Race 2011 (ENR) were screw up and being termed as the "Worst Marathon" in Malaysia history which happened at Sepang International Formula One Circuit (SIC) on 16 April 2011 evening.
FYI, a group of us are training for Sundown Ultra 100km in coming June. So on 16 April, we have our own training!

16 April morning, we ran 15km for double hill and lake garden. While on evening, we reached SIC at 5pm and we start our "warm up run" of 13km. As any others, there's not enough direction telling where runner should go.

We follow the crowd and saw everyone is crossing the tunnel underground to padlock. We crossed the tunnel and there's no one controlling the situation. So our "warming up run" start on the SIC track!

Its was so wonderful able to run on the F1 track at 5.30pm with a very nice weather. The track is not hot and we enjoy our run cornering the circuit and we go full speed on straight line! haha... 7 of us, none of us bring camera with us. we really regret on this!For the 1st time, im so close to the track or im on the track. I can touch and run on it with my own engine! haha

From 5.30pm we run until 7.00pm, we managed to run 1 loop of 5.5km plus another 4.5km where we make U-turn. I really enjoy the run and F1 track view for the 1st time ever!

7pm, i guess where the 1st round of complains started! Where im also experience it but on the opposite direction. :)

Picture taken from Facebook, thousands are made to queue on this narrow tunnel.

We were heading back to car park for refueling and hydration. Ate some banana and drinks. To my surprise, people are lining up to collect the headlights nearby the exits, and this caused a long Q and human traffic jam in the tunnel! This is worst ! The air is not flowing and people are not moving! My 1st thought strike mind is there any alternative to cross over? i dont want to take the same route when im back! 
OMG.. God bless you. 
Since im on opposite direction, i can feel how worst it is. Worst of, the entrance to tunnel only can fit 2 people wide. If there's opposite direction people coming out, the flow have to reduced to 1 people flow! 
10,000 people were walked pass the Tunnel of Death.

Lucky, when Im coming back, the line is smooth. no more jam. 

At 7.45pm, Full marathon category were flagged off sharp. The rest never come to my knowledge until i see from facebook. 

This is nice! Photo from Runwitme. 

This run, im on the run for 5 hours 21mins...  
So what happened in 5 hours 21mins Im dont know! Thank god im running 42km. But there's people said 42km is a FUN run! Ah... i feel my training effort being throw into drains or longkang by these people! 
- waking up at 4.00am for running is fun? 
- sleep at 10pm is fun? 
- committed to run 42km is fun? 
- weekend sleep early for tomorrow morning run is fun? 

Who is this people? 

Expose Media Sdn Bhd director Josie Huang Wan Ling told The Malay Mail this morning a sanction from the Sports Commissioner was not required for the event as the race was considered only a "fun run".

The water stations for 42km on outer Sepang F1 track were good. Water is enough. 
Just that some of the distance markers were not "light up" on time! 

When im finished my 5th lap, im running entering the F1 track padlock...its was about 2am in the morning. No one, only got 1 marshal directs the runner to turn right.. its where we run out and now we were running back to track. I see no marshal on the track  but only cleaner busy collecting the rubbish for recycle. The last second water station was closed shop, no water for me. :( 

Lucky at the last 2km, there's a water station.. i crossed my finishing line at 5 hours 21 mins. As a frequent 42km marathon finisher, i would expect something on finishing line: 

1) My finishing being snapped by official photographers. 
2) Get my finisher medal on the spot 
3) Some one gives me "water" for my de-hydration. 
4) Some one to guide me where should i go next. 
5) Get my 42km finisher T-shirt as promised in the Terms & Conditions. 

All above were not meet! This is shit man! im exhausted and tired after running 42km for 5 hours plus... Im blur and suddenly my Cari Runners member Victor handed me water to me! oh thank god, i got someone with me! Lucky some of my Cari Runners member took 21km and come back early, they managed to secured water for others, for people like me who come back late. 

Water got my water and doing some post run cooling down, we went to collect our goodies... Finisher medal and finisher T-shirt! We were told, the goodies "out of stock and its on the way coming" OMG... 

I feel so tired of waiting and im just left with empty hand, empty heart. Completing 42km should be feel happy and proud but not this Energizer Night Race 2011. 

On the next day, only found out there's almost RIOT happened for 5.5km, 11km & 21km which im still running. Thank god, im being lucky no need go through such emotional treatment from ENR organizer. 

There's also suddenly people took a great passion to create a fan page for boycott Energizer Night Race. 
ENR sad to be falls into and be the victim! 
Last time SCKLM worst marathon back in year 2009 also never got online protest.. and some other run. They're lucky!  

Starting from today onward, a poor organized event company will have to think twice whenever they opt for secure a contract for running event! 
Voices of runners will be spread W.W.W 

Do not mess with runner!  


The Two online protest in the making! 


ENR is part of my Sundown Ultraman100km training! 
ENR is part of my marathon life. 
ENR is my 9th marathon! 

ENR is not a FUN RUN! 

Apology from Expose Media for the Energizer Night Race 2011 - Updated

This is new fresh hot out from the Facebook of Energizer Night Race Malaysia.
Apology statement posted on ENR discussion board.

We, Expose Media, as organisers of the Energizer Night Race 2011, sincerely apologise for any and all discontent experienced by the participants in the event. We take full responsibility for all our actions directly and indirectly leading up to the issues before and on the race day.

We absolve the title sponsor Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd, co-sponsors, and the management of Sepang International Circuit of all liability and responsibility.

We are committed to a full distribution of certificates, medals, finishers’ T-shirts, headlights and complimentary gifts to every registered participant in the race.

We will also be announcing the winners today, and they will be contacted personally to receive their awards.

Details of the distribution for the above will be announced at 6pm on Thursday, 21 April 2011.

We would like to clarify that Mr. Mohan Gobindasamy was the official race director on the day and not Datuk A. Chandrakumanan. We apologise to Datuk Chandrakumanan for any implication of his involvement in the race.

We recognise that safety precautions and logistical details were not up to expectations and we deeply regret all the issues that resulted from the situation. We apologise for our behaviour should any party be offended throughout the course of the event.

Josie Huang Wan Ling
Group Director
Expose Media

Edit: The minutes posted, i come across the official apology letter posted in Facebook:
Its the same statement posted by Energizer Night Race Malaysia Facebook, but once you see this letter its should be be term as "Official" as there's no letter head and signature.

Unless you printed said: "this is computer generated no signature required" ! haha...

Remarks / Thought:

Damage is done. Nothing can be done to save the situation. Now the next thing to see how is:
1) How fast Expose Media can send out Finisher Medal & Finisher T?
2) How accurate its going to be?
3) Hope they have enough funds to perform all the above.
4) The less posting on Facebook the better now they posted the letter with no letter head, this will spike some doubt among runners! You thinks we all "Bo Tak Chek" one ah!

Updates on 4:35pm

Energizer Night Race Malaysia posted the apology letter with letter head and signed at 4:30pm. 

Well done power of social media.  

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Energizer Night Race 2011 - Worst Marathon

This photo below clearly represent my mood when im crossed my finishing line with my personal best record since 2010. 

Personal Best marathon Vs Worst Marathon 
How this can be my combo! 

Stay tune... 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Energizer Night Race is ON!

Countdown to 7.45pm the official start of the Energizer Night Race at Sepang International track.
Today, 16 April 2011, we, a group of ultra focus training group are doing 15km - 13km - 42km a total of 70km mileage ! Our group today have Sifu Terence, me, Bryan, Andrew, Pui San, Winnie, Agnes, MC while Pui Mun, John and Vijay they ran fast...

This morning we have ran 15km with a turtle pace which took us 2 hours to complete. This is just warming up for tonight's marathon.

This morning, when we were running towards Bank Negara, guess who we met! Its Azran Osman Rani. SiFu Terrence stopped him and greet him as "X-men". Congratulation Azran on your new personal best marathon record.

While another interesting thing happened was that, a reporter from New Straits Times hold us when we run pass Selangor Istana. She said, she need some runners' photo for NST HFM  dont know what's lifestyle magazine... forget the name already... So we ran in group for her to snap our photo...

Who is NST support, pls look out for the runner's photo... ! Thank!

Banana ate! Water drank! Nap done! Now is waiting and resting waiting time to come. We are going to do 13km start from 5pm until 7pm. Route wise, depends on the situation. Hope we can run on the track!

Weather check! This morning the rain were heavy and its now stopped. Hope the current weather will be stay on! This is going to be a very cooling marathon ever!

Thank you Azran. 

Lastly, all i need are wishes from you! Specially from the one.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

KL Eco City preview.

On last weekend, its was preview of the KL Eco City by S P Setia. We went to South Tower, the Garden to visit the sales galary. S P Setia was preview for the residential tower 1.

The entrance to the sale gallery where camera is not allowed inside. 

The Residential tower specification type and facilities available mentioned in the broacher. 
The price for the residential unit is averaging about RM1,100 psf. . 

The whole KL Eco City by S P City.
The sale gallery, when you stand beside the model, you can view the actual side from the window.
You can see the vacant land opposite you going to be build as what you seen here. 

Top show the Residential Tower 1, middle is boutique offices and bottom building is the Strata Offices suites. 

As you know, the Hukum Abdullah LRT station is just beside the KL Eco City. Its so convenience. 

This is the traffic control planned by S P Setia. How well the traffic planning and how well is the effective of the planning? If you would like to know in advance before completion, look at Setia Walk project at Puchong. 
There have equivalent of heavy traffic passby Setia Walk, and S P Setia also done a proper traffic planning flow for Setia Walk. So the same theory applied to KL Eco City. 

In future, there's will be a LRT-KTM-MRT hub build on the white area on the left side. 
This definitely going to add value to KL Eco City. 

KL Eco City project will be officially lunching soon. By then, more photos can be snap.  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

70 Days ++ to Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon with Original Bootcamp

Looks at my side bar on your right, scroll down and you will see a race countdown widget counting days, hours, minutes, and seconds to my Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon which will be held on 25 June 2011 evening and start running and ended on 26 June 2011 Sunday morning!

How was my training in the past months? Every weeks, short run during weekday and Long Slow Run (LSD) on weekend Sunday the most only 20km. But this is not sufficient, deep inside telling me!

While on the last two Sunday, i managed to do 7 hours 15mins run walk covering 44km and last weekend done 28km. This will be continuing for Long Long slow distance running training!

As im aware, running alone is not sufficient! I need to strengthen my core too but im too lazy ! My own core exercise is slow! I need something motivating !

Today, Im as usual receiving updates from MilkADeal and its Original BootCamp for RM29.90 for today's deal!

RM29.90 instead of RM299 for 12 Military Corps Training Sessions + T-shirt at Chief's Original Bootcamp, 3 locations [90% OFF]

Shape up or Ship out!

Be all you can be with the world’s longest running and most respected military inspired outdoor fitness program, CHIEF’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™. Utilising disciplined based motivational techniques, this scientifically designed program pushes you to achieve amazing results in minimal time, no matter what your current fitness level, GUARANTEED. No other program comes close.

Reconised by Shape Magazine as Malaysia’s #1 Military Based Bootcamp, and recently featured on Biggest Loser Asia, CHIEF’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ has developed an industry leading Metabolic Optimisation program that has proven to be far more efficient, effective and affordable than any other fitness & weight loss program available today. 

Step up and snatch this drill to thrill deal of just RM29.90 for 12 sessions of General Fitness & Fat Loss training + a free training T-shirt for new recruits.

This fun, yet challenging program consistsof three, 60 minute sessions each week, for four weeks, begining with a Benchmark Workout that allows your instructors to judge your current strengths and weaknesses and place you with other recruits of the same fitness level. This allows your individual Section Commander to ensure that you are continually challenged, without asking more than you are physically able.

- One CHIEF’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP T-shirt to be given for participants to wear during the training programme for every session
- Classes include cardio, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility

As the program progresses, each session gradually increases in intensity, in order to ensure that you are constantly improving. Be aware, CHIEF’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ is definitely no walk in the park, but then we all know that any thing worth having takes a little hard work.

CHIEF’s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ is guaranteed to achieve serious results, seriously fast. All you need to do is step up and meet the challenge.

Its have what i needed. Lose fats, strengthen my core and motivation and etc etc.. Waiting for me to discover the challenge ! Come join with me MilkADeal Original BootCamp !

70 days to 100km Ultra Marathon and Im going to be Ultra-man on 26 June 2011 !

Saturday, April 09, 2011


On last year, we visited Kinrara Residence by Mah Sing (MS) when MS first launching their link house.

Here's the photo of Master plan from previous post. Kinrara Residence by Mah Sing

Today - Saturday 9 April 2011 is the official launching of the Mah Sing ClubHouse. 
A lots of programs arranged! 

Be there! 
There's also fireworks! 

Its about 7 months ago since Mah Sing first lunches their project Kinrara Residence and now there's a road leading to Semi Detached houses show houses and ClubHouse ! 

2 ways road leading to the ClubHouse & Semi-Detached show houses. Drive slow, ya. 

The entrance of Palmiera. 

The Club House! Its completed within 7 months! 

The 2 storey semi-D show house! You must go inside and see the interior design! Its AWESOME! 

The specification of the 2 Storey Semi D house! 

You can build this with your neighbor ! Its awesome! Its all about lifestyle ! 

If the 2 storey Semi D show house already AWESOME, the 3 storey Semi D house even have the MORE AWESOME factor! haha... 

The specification of 3 storey Semi D. 

This will be the empty land between you and your neighbor. 

The 3 Storey Semi-D house! Its so nice! 

The model of semi detached houses... 

No doubt, Kinrara Residence going to be a lifestyle residential area. 
At the movement, the sale office is now located at the Club House, you can book your dream house @ Mah Sing Kinrara Residence Club House. 

Happy shopping! 


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