Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 The North Face 100 - TNF100

Last few days saw this 2011 The North Face 100 poster on my facebook feed. 
Im always heard my running friend mentioning about this TNF100 but im not really know any details about it. 
TNF is another kind of running mind game which totally different from what's im doing now in running a road race marathon. 

TNF is a trail running and its not easy to run in trail where you go hike up hills and run on muddy road. 

The rules and regulations always become straighter and a lots of rules have to follow. The cut of time for 100km duo is 9 hours ( Time for 1 runner to run 50km). 

My normal 42km marathon timing is around 5 hours to 6 hours, but 9 hours for 50km.. This is so challenging !
The TNF for 2011 in Singapore falls on 15 Oct 2011. Registration open on coming 16 May 2011. 
This is interesting. hmmm...   

More details:

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