Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Virgin London Marathon 2012

The ballot for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon 2012 is NOW open and apply online now for your chance to take part http://bit.ly/g5sxrD  Its was open 2 hours ago and within 2 hours ago, its reported half full in the Virgin London Marathon Facebook. 

Previously I was came to know about Virgin London Marathon from Runner's World magazine and its did not left any impression to me. Its just another marathon in London. 

Until recently when Sifu Terrence was having conversation with Azran Osman Rani talking about Virgin London Marathon during one of our running session when we met him half way in the run.  I was only then come to realized Virgin London Marathon are to hard to join! Its been years my Sifu Terrence trying... 

Today, now i know why its so hard to get a place for Virgin London Marathon! You gotta need a lucky star strike on you in the ballot system just like popular Tokyo Marathon. 

Now with the Air Asia X flight to London, its going to be more Malaysians flying to London for Virgin London Marathon a.k.a for vocation. 

Wish Sifu Terrence and his wife Maybel can get strike by lucky star for Virgin London Marathon 2012.  

I wish one day i can run Virgin London Marathon. Its just a dream for me now. 

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