Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chief's Original Bootcamp Vs Running - 58 days to Ultra Sundown

Remember my previous post on  70 Days ++ to Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon with Original Bootcamp ? Its now under 60 days remaining and im attended 2 free trails and 2 official session of Chief's original bootcamp at Damansara heights session. 

On 25 April, Monday, its was Milkadeal official 1st Chief's Original Bootcamp started. Its was a test to test how fast you can finish 400meters + 10 push up + 10 grant + 15 sit up X 3 sets. 
Its was awesome! 

This photo was taken on Monday. 

On Tuesday, i ran 10.8km double hill at 5.30am together with my running gang and im managed to follow them all the way ! (Sad to tell you that all this while im slowed down after 5km ) but i managed to follow my gang and im even run while going up hill... ! Without realizing my running is improved! My timing was 1hr11mins, my best ever time since she was leaving. 

On Wednesday, its Bootcamp! After the monday test, i was given Seal rank! There's Rangers, Seal & Delta. 
Rangers - do 10 times 
Seal - do 12 times 
Delta - do 15 times for each workup! But unfortunately due to no people at Delta line, few of us went to line up together with them... Its was terrible awesome workout ! Argh....  

Photo taken after the bootcamp... 
i looks miserable but im survived! hehe 

The bootcamp was on Wednesday evening, and im decided to join my running gang on Thursday morning run again, try to see how my body able to react ! In another word, trying to push my body to limits! So the next day 4.00am wake up and 5.30am we ran double hill route, 10.8km. 

Since on Tuesday, i managed to run 1:11 timing, i know im feel the same on Thursday, im keep my speed with the group and in the final stretch, i try to push harder on myself... 
Its was another wonderful run ! Its heaven! im feel great and my timing is 1:08 ! 

I look good! I feel good after 10.8km run ! haha 
Its all thanks to hell bootcamp! 

Its just beginning of the bootcamp session ! hope my body able to cope with this intensive workout Mon, Wed and Fri are bootcamp and Tues & Thurs are running! 

Saturday, im definitely need a complete rest for Sunday Long Slow Distance running for 30km ! 

All the best Chin Ann! 


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