Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NST Life & Times - Running

Its was on 16 April 2011, which i mentioned in Energizer Night Race 2011 as 42km Runner that we were running Bukit Tunku double hill route in the early morning as part of our 70km training on that day. 

On our way back to Bukit Aman Car Park, in front of the Selangor Istana, we were asked by the NST reporter for photo shooting. 
We, Terrence, Winnie, Agnes, Bryan, Andrew, Pui San and me 7 people were stop and agreed to the NST reporter. 

If you noticed, there's only 6 of us (exclude the green jacket guy as he was also another runner who also so happened run pass) Where is SiFu Terrence? hehe... Guess where was Terrence! 

Nice photo. Thank you NST reporter. 

Full story of Life & Times on RUN FOR YOUR LIFE can be found here: 

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