Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Casa Tropika - One Stop Academic City

Casa Tropika - I was at the sale gallery when The Twins Facebook launch.

The Casa Tropika is developed by TSI group and solely sell by Twins Realty.

Its quite interesting to find out about the concept that Case Tropika having. One Stop Academic City.

Casa Tropika - Spring Time of Life

On 19 March, the Block B is open for selling and its selling fast. Not many units left... 
Starting price for the condo is RM270,000 for about 1,000 sq. 
"One Stop Academic City" is all about the shop lot in front of the condos. All the shops are only for lease out to the education purpose business, i.e Tuition centre, Yoga, and etc etc any business related to education. 

There's a model of map for the Puchong. You can find out where's Casa Tropika located. 

Block C and Block B are already open for sale. You must be wondering, where's Block A! 
The block A is not open for sale yet, that's why its missing on the model shown. 

If education is your priority, Casa Tropika is the most suitable new development for you.
I wish i can find such concept of condo in KL and reasonable price but its impossible now. 

The sale gallery is located nearby Han Ming primary school, 14 miles.

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