Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Energizer Night Race is ON!

Countdown to 7.45pm the official start of the Energizer Night Race at Sepang International track.
Today, 16 April 2011, we, a group of ultra focus training group are doing 15km - 13km - 42km a total of 70km mileage ! Our group today have Sifu Terence, me, Bryan, Andrew, Pui San, Winnie, Agnes, MC while Pui Mun, John and Vijay they ran fast...

This morning we have ran 15km with a turtle pace which took us 2 hours to complete. This is just warming up for tonight's marathon.

This morning, when we were running towards Bank Negara, guess who we met! Its Azran Osman Rani. SiFu Terrence stopped him and greet him as "X-men". Congratulation Azran on your new personal best marathon record.

While another interesting thing happened was that, a reporter from New Straits Times hold us when we run pass Selangor Istana. She said, she need some runners' photo for NST HFM  dont know what's lifestyle magazine... forget the name already... So we ran in group for her to snap our photo...

Who is NST support, pls look out for the runner's photo... ! Thank!

Banana ate! Water drank! Nap done! Now is waiting and resting waiting time to come. We are going to do 13km start from 5pm until 7pm. Route wise, depends on the situation. Hope we can run on the track!

Weather check! This morning the rain were heavy and its now stopped. Hope the current weather will be stay on! This is going to be a very cooling marathon ever!

Thank you Azran. 

Lastly, all i need are wishes from you! Specially from the one.


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