Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Twins Realty Facebook

Twins Realty 

When im first heard of Twins Realty, i was wondering, what is it about. I was first received SMS from Wilson about invitation to attend Twins Facebook launch @ Casa Tropika. 

Only after a while, im only found out Twins Facebook launch is actually Twins Realty officially launching their Twins Realty Facebook fan pages to public in aggressive way !  

Wilson on the stage. 

Congratulation to Twins Facebook launch. I was with on this event. 

Act fast now! "Like" Twins Realty Facebook now to win iPad ! 
Waits its was launched since 19 March 2011, iPad2 was not announced back then.  

Er, will the Twins Realty change the prize iPad to iPad 2 to makes its more attractive?  haha... 

Congratulation to Twins Realty Facebook launch again! 

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