Currently my postcrossing postcards are on Cameron Highland themes. 

Brought 50 of the postcards above. :) 

Brought 48 postcards above. :) 

While i was in the disappointment mode, i visited Thean Hou Temple, brought 10 of the postcard above and sent all within 1 weeks until  my Cameron Highland postcards arrived. 

Updates: 15 May 2013, few weeks ago, i went back to Royal Selangor Pewter to re-stock my postcards. To my surprises, it's sold out and do not have any stock remains. Leaving walking out from Royal Selangor Pewter with disappointment carrying broken heart.  

Royal Selangor postcards are my postcards for Postcrossing now! 

Coming Soon: 

As at 15 May 2013. 

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