Thursday, May 31, 2018

Loh Mai Chi 糯米糍

It's was last Sunday, was resting and nap after LSD in morning.
Friend called and told me that he have something special for me and he is on the way to my place to pass me the thing.

Initially I don't know what's it's call, but I do know that I had it before somewhere some time ago, I just can't recall when was it and where I had it and what occasion I had chance to have it.

It's tapao in plastic bag, with a lot of flour inside
Without any expectation, I bite the Loh Mai chi and I can taste the coconut and felt it's so filling !

I was like discovered new land and I instantly falls in love with it.

This is not the end, friend said wait I try the peanut version....

Too bad, it not near to my place and somewhere in Selayang.

Till next update...


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