Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SCHKM 2016 Part II

Hello, I been absent in updating here since my last updates back in July 2016.
Times fly.

While I was trying to update and publish my unfinished blog, somehow my focus was not here.

Finishing the unfinish SCHKM 2016 Part II 

Part II - The Gears & result analysis.

As shown above, im wearing SKINS compression top and tight. Both are A400 series, my trusted compression brand !

In 2016, its was my peak, where I’m actively joining CorssFit Pahlawan workouts every weeks, and I only doing LSD (Long Slow Distance) run on weekend, 10km on Saturday and 21km on Sunday.

As my marathon pacing strategy, I always start slow. In the split chart, you can see that first half im quite slow and even slower and after hit 21km point, I started to speed up, and keep speed up slowly until the end! 

That’s all for my unfinished blog entry on SCHKM 2016! 

My personal BEST timing. 

Tracking back the time, after SCHKM 2016 in January, the next marathon I ever completed was SCKLM 2016 in August.
Somehow, during that period, I planned to joins 4 marathons for first half of 2017 which happened to be 10 years anniversary beside SCHKM & SCKLM. 

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