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SPECTATORS' GUIDE TO Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016.

SPECTATORS' GUIDE TO Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016.
Do you have a loved one or friends that will cheer and support you during the marathon? There is nothing like a familiar face when you are digging deep during the race to boost your morale.
Here I am presenting the first ever spectators’ guide to SCKLM. As per last year , the LRT will start operating at 3am and the good news is that from 3am to 6am, the LRT is free.
If you are supporting your loved one or friend , you can park and ride from any of the LRT stations and send them off at The Dataran Merdeka. The flag off for the marathon is at 4 am.
After the flag off, hurry back to the Masjid Jamek LRT Station and take the train to KLCC LRT Station. You have to hurry because the 5:30 pace group will appear at corner of Jalan Ampang turning into the KLCC in just 23mins or at 4:23am. If you think that you can't make it in 23mins, take the LRT directly to Jelatek LRT station.
From Jelatek LRT Station walk in the direction to Jalan Ampang or towards Great Eastern Mall, the 5:30 pace group will go up to the Akleh Highway at 5:10am. This is at the KM 9 mark. After that go to the opposite direct of the Akleh over Jalan Jelatek.The 5:30 pace group will pass the same way towards MRR2 at 6:12 am which is Km17.
After that, take the LRT just one stop to Setiawangsa LRT Station, walk towards the Duke Highway. The 5:30 pace group will pass this point under Jalan Jelatek or the KM24 mark at 7:07 am.After that , the runners will be on their own on the Duke Highway. You can either take your car and go and cheer them at the Segambut roundabout towards Jalan Duta. The 5:30 pace group will pass the roundabout at 8:18 am which is Km33. Thereafter, you can drive towards the National Museum and wait for us at the bridge towards KL Sentral at 9:12am. I believe the TPRC Running Group had a support station here in 2014.
If you don’t have a car, take the LRT back to Masjid Jamek Station. Walk towards Bank Negara, the marathoners will come out from Jalan Tun Ismail and turn right into Jalan Parlimen. This is the 37.5km mark and the 5:30 pace group will appear at 8:53am.
After that, you can head back to the finishing line or maybe wait for us at the Bukit Aman Tunnel, we will pass this tunnel around 9:25 am so that all us can finish the 42.195km around the city of Kuala Lumpur at 9:30am.
See you guys there on the 7th of August

By Kin K Yum 
Reproduced with permission. If you wish to know more about SCKLM 5:30 hours pacer, you can click the facebook link " Kin K Yum " to follow KK.  

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