Friday, September 28, 2012

Budget 2013

Rakyat budget 2013? is the budget for you? for low income group or for the rich? You can judge yourself. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spartathlon 2012!

When i saw this "Spartathlon" word appeared on my FB timeline, i know it's something that would be interesting to continue read it. 

When i first saw it, my mind only have Sparta 300 ! haha... 

I believe, Seow Kong, the only Malaysian who is joining SPARTATHLON which cover 246 KM or 153 miles. It's amazing on how he able to qualify for the event! Hard work and effort are put into the training for it.   

" Thirty years is celebrating the international race of ultramarathon "SPARTATHLON" which will take place the weekend of 28-29 September in Athens-Sparta route distance 246 km.

The race is conducted on the footsteps of Pheidippides, the ancient Athenian runner and is notable as part of the big names in the field of ultra while many foreign broadcasters and news agencies will cover the organization that revives a piece of Greek history. 

As is known, Pheidippides was sent to Sparta in 490 BC, before the battle of Marathon, to ask for help in the war led by the Greeks against the Persians. According to Herodotus, Pheidippides arrived in Sparta the day after his departure from Athens.

Exclusive sponsor of "SPARTATHLON 2012," is the Foundation "STAVROS NIARCHOS" and for three years until 2013.
In this year's event, held for the 30th year by the International Association SPARTATHLON, have registered 350 athletes, including 315 men and 35 women. Greece will represent the organization of 44 men and 4 women. The top long-distance runners will be at the start Friday, September 28 at 7:00 in the morning on the Acropolis in front of the Herodeon. There will be representatives from the municipalities of Athens and Sparta as well as many foreign TV crews and news agencies to cover the event."

Source: Spartathlon

Photo from Seow Kong's FB. 

All the best to Seow Kong tomorrow 7:00am (Greece time) 

"One day when i'm grow up, I want to be Sparta" 

30KM Pacesetters - Back to Basic 2012

30KM race for RM35 entry fee for a Pacesetters member. Where to find such a great deal in KL or in Malaysia! 

Back to Basic 30KM. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vibram® Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race 2013 Registration Open !

Argh... I never success in writing my HK100 ultra trail since early this year Feb 2012.
Today, I woke up with news that Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race 2013 is now open for registration! 
In 2011, i registered HK100 second editions and on 18 Feb 2012, I'm was at the starting point of HK100! 
Register now, in 2013, 19 January, you will be like me standing at the starting point! hehe... 

Interested runners can find your way to to register! Just checked, fees hikes HKD80 for early bird compared to last year HKD800. 

HKD80 hikes is nothing if you are able to enjoy the wonderful awesome Hong Kong Trail.... some photos for you to enjoy! 

Running around! 

Beach! It's feel nice when you see it from top, it's make you feel want to run faster to the beach! 

I'm at the beach! One of the many beaches that we ran past.... 

So near to the sea... 

Lastly, i managed to complete my HK100 within 24 hours, sub-24, and i got Bronze Award !! hehe... 

Register while spot still available. Foresee HK100 is getting hot and popular, spot is running out fast! 

Register NOW at link below! 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Fraser Hills Ride 120812 - Part 2

Part 2...! Continue! I forget i have some photos to share about Fraser hills ride! 
Like every rider who cycle up to Fraser hills... This is the post to snap! haha... 

Second time up Fraser Hill... it's feel good when starting from KKB town, not Uptown PJ. 

JengJengJeng.. This is the one! the part 2! 

Mou Tan Mee... = Mountain Mee... at KKB Town ! 
Indeed it's really mountain alike mee! 

From side angle of Mao Tan Mee @ KKB Town ! 

The Chicken Chop also looks delicious !!! 

Yummy Chicken Chop! 

Another snap of Mao Tan Mee! 
I'm really enjoy the Mao Tan Mee after Fraser hills ride! 
Thanks Andrew! 

Oh yeah.. This shop... it's was discover by way of asking the local "what's nice to eat here" 
Ended up, they managed to discover Mao Tan Mee... 

Simple restaurant at KKB. 

Guess next time when back to KKB for Fraser hills ride with Andrew's group, definitely will stopby for Mao Tan Mee meal ! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ride to Fraser Hills - 120812

Yay! This round i made it to top of Fraser hills with my camera! Fully captured my ride up to Fraser hills!
Video my ride reaching to Fraser Hills top! 

Enjoy it! 
It's was a leisure ride up to Fraser Hills with my ex-colleague old-man retired Andrew and his gang. 

Starting at KKB Stadium... 1st time here... 

There's a track! can cycle and warming up! 

Fraser hills, let's the ride begins... 

Self-camwhore on bike... hehe... My stock Giant helmet, there's story behind, i got it from far far away land few years back! 

Yay... reaching...reaching... 

Dont you thinks there bridge is nice? 

What a waste. Abandon house... 

To be honest, my fitness are no where can match with these guys... Still have long long way to learn from them! Old is spice! 

8km to go!! with my GIANTTCRSL3 ! 

Wow... big gun to capture birds... 

on that morning, it's was wonderful nice weather to ride up Fraser hills... 

This is my second time riding up Fraser hill. I felt fresh this round as I'm not cycle from Uptown. 

Stay ahead of Andrew... hehe... 

Yay... I reached on Top of Fraser hills... 

Group photo...

Riding up further for our breakfast... 

I'm just loving the weather @ Fraser Hills...! 

2 layers kopi ! 

Nice sandwich...! 

It's cold. Put some newspaper inside the jersey! 

ITALIA... do you managed to see anything inside? 

The newspaper trick works! I did not feel cold at all when downhills...! 

on 12 Aug, the dam was dry. 


Riding up Fraser Hills from KKB town seem a popular ride among cyclists. But I had tried cycle from Uptown up to Fraser Hills top. Don't thinks i want to repeat it again.=.=''' 

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