Friday, September 07, 2012

Nike We Run KL Registration Open & Close - 7th Sept 2012

Nike Registration open at 9:00am. I'm was busy with my works and totally forget about it. When i'm checking my facebook updates at 12:30pm, i saw people mentions it's closed, or system slow or error... etc etc...

9.08am, Nike Running Malaysia posted Registration is NOW OPEN. 

At 3.26pm, Nike Running Malaysia posted saying Registration is NOW CLOSED. 

15,000 slots are taken up within 5 hours 7minutes!!! Wow! ! ! it's sound too good too popular ! 

Just scanning through the Nike Running Malaysia Facebook, everyone complains double paid, no confirmation slip and etc etc kind of problem. It is advisable not to write your personal information in facebook page on your complains. Send an e-mail would be best way. 

Meanwhile, there's 1 of my friend's logic saying Nike might re-open some slots, 100 or 200 or maybe 1000 perhaps? His reasoning are there's so many people paid double, triple or 4 or 5 times. It's now Nike Malaysia suffering working hard to clear up the double registration. Once the duplicate registrations are removed, there will be several hundreds to thousand slot available... keep the fingers cross!   

Congratulation to those successful to be part of Nike We Run KL 2012. 


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