Monday, September 17, 2012

Fraser Hills Ride 120812 - Part 2

Part 2...! Continue! I forget i have some photos to share about Fraser hills ride! 
Like every rider who cycle up to Fraser hills... This is the post to snap! haha... 

Second time up Fraser Hill... it's feel good when starting from KKB town, not Uptown PJ. 

JengJengJeng.. This is the one! the part 2! 

Mou Tan Mee... = Mountain Mee... at KKB Town ! 
Indeed it's really mountain alike mee! 

From side angle of Mao Tan Mee @ KKB Town ! 

The Chicken Chop also looks delicious !!! 

Yummy Chicken Chop! 

Another snap of Mao Tan Mee! 
I'm really enjoy the Mao Tan Mee after Fraser hills ride! 
Thanks Andrew! 

Oh yeah.. This shop... it's was discover by way of asking the local "what's nice to eat here" 
Ended up, they managed to discover Mao Tan Mee... 

Simple restaurant at KKB. 

Guess next time when back to KKB for Fraser hills ride with Andrew's group, definitely will stopby for Mao Tan Mee meal ! 

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