Monday, October 27, 2014

Cycling - Running - Cycling - Week 42, 25-26 Oct 2014

Cycling - Running - Cycling - Week 42, 20-26 Oct 2014.

Hello, hello, and hello again. I have been missing in action updating my training, my motivation source to keep me going and going further more.

This month, ran SCKLM and two months ago ran Kuching Marathon, its was running that dominate my training, my weekend, and left aside my beloved roadbike GIANT aside. Since the completion of SCKLM, i'm trying to get back to cycling.

Preparing this that, sini sana, i took some time to get back into cycling! On 22 Oct, its public holiday, I decided to cycle alone, too afraid to joins others as my cycling confidence were not with me. Its was from HOA - Genting Sempah - Bukit Tinggi - Genting Sempah - HOA.

Cycling uphills, im getting back the feel slowly. The cycling excitement are back when i'm decent downhills from Genting Sempah to HOA !!! WooHoo !!!  

As the photo above, on 12 Oct 2014, I ran 42.195KM SCKLM, and PolarPersonalTrainer says i'm ready to train more on the next day which showing green labels for the next whole week.... Until i had my cycling session 22 Oct, its shows RED, - training not recommended.

Hmmm... why? Are cycling more intense than running? Or i have not run hard enough for Polar to grant me red label?

Over the weekend, i have decided to cycle Saturday and Sunday, and in between, there's Puma Night Run 10KM which i think i can handle, i can manage, since its just 10KM.

Initial plan was to join a new Facebook group ride that meet my intention without think twice that hit 3-digits distance. Whose know at the meeting point, i met with friends, who completed their Ironman race recently. Argh... Since they also doing 3-digits distance, i decided to abandon my initial plan and joins my friends! Great feel can ride with Ironman, kan...! hehe...  

First time riding with the group. Lucky, i can manage to catch up with them. Riding to Kuala Selangor were hot and some head wind. 

Never thought the meeting are so near to famous Meng Kee Char siew !!! We ending our ride with late lunch at Meng Kee Char Siew ! Bruppppp.... sort of recharged. Back home, got the bike clean up, shower and nap! 

Nap from 3pm until 5pm plus... wake up by the sound of thunder! KL is raining!!! Was wondering how's my Puma Night later at Setia Alam, will it be cancel due to thunderstorm? Ate something before leaving house toward Setia Alam. 

Its was hot, humid weather at Setia Alam !!! The ground were dry! The race started at 7:30am, i missed short distance races! The excitement the adrenaline rush to run faster in 10KM race! Its never hit my thought that night run were different kind of situation, soon after i ran about 2-3km, i sweat like mad... its was so hot !!! I know my body, and i start to run walk run walk as I cant breath / cant push to limit in such hot humid situation. 

Somehow, somehow, i managed to hit sub60 timing !!! WooHoo !!!

Group photo with LYN Runners !! 
(Photo credit to Sunny)

On my way back home, passby this usual place that serve bitter gourd mee soup, and its suddenly hit my thought. I need that for reload for tomorrow ride with my usual P2K group ride! 

Its suppose to be slow slow ride but when we cyclist jump on bike, whatever 手拉手ride promise no longer valid. Riding in big peloton group, its always feel good to ride behind peloton cruising 35 to 40km/hr. When there's holes, front riders will give hand signal, or if there's bigger hole, we shout to warn others. 

We stopped at Batu Arang for refills. 

 Half way, or rather almost back to PJ, we had coconut water! The weather were so hot !

Weekend rides managed to hit 200KM in total plus 10KM running as bonus! What's a crazy insane weekend ! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

PUMA NIGHT RUN MALAYSIA 2014 - PUMA Runners Guide Book

Received an email from Puma Night Night Malaysia regards on the run that will be held on 25th October 2014  evening at Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Before start reading any information about Puma Night run, recognize all the faces below! It's your PUMA PACERS !!!! #FOREVERFASTER #NIGHTRUNMY

#FOREVERFASTER ! its just 10km run tht i forget how to run! Wonder how fast i can go with 10km distance. 

All The BEST.

Remark: This is non-paid entry, sharing is caring.

Monday, October 20, 2014

G5N 2015 is official UTMB 2016 Qualifying Race

Congratulation to G5N ! Never in my life ever dream about there's a local ultra running event (ie. in peninsular Malaysia) that becoming 3 points qualifying for UTMB !!! 

What are UTMB you might ask. Go Google it. 
What the hell 3 points about. Go Google it. 
What the hell are G5N. Go Google it. 

 In before blog like G5N race director! Wakaka... 

Okay, before go google it, at least go likes G5N facebook page 

Congratulation G5N ! Now you can qualify for UTMB 3 points locally. (Just under 1 hour driving from KL City centre) 

Monday, October 13, 2014

WE RUN KL 2015 - Registration CLOSED

Registration CLOSED !

Sunday, October 12, 2014

1st Johor Master Century Ride 2014

WooHoo.... Had PB (personal best) timing in my SCKLM today! Now i can hang my shoe and going back to two wheels trains for Johor Master Century Ride which will be held 1 month later!

Photos are from JOHOR MASTER CENTURY RIDE 2014  facebook.

We Run KL 2015 by Nike is back & registration open!

As the title mentions, We Run KL series by Nike is back to KL !!!!! Have you registered? You can do so NOW ! 

Yeah, i'm registered.

Updates as at 3:23pm, 12 Oct 2014: 
Only limited sizes are available despite We Run KL series registration open since 10:00am this morning! Guess, all the runners are still in recovering mode after ran SCKLM and haven't aware of the WeRun KL registration open!

Monday, October 06, 2014

WooHoo! Another round of OnePlus SHAREABLE INVITES! - 6 Oct 2014

WooHoo... Another round of OnePlus SHAREABLE INVITES !!! 
As the time past, OnePlus Malaysian Thread members are getting more invites to share / contribute back to our MIS (Malaysia Invite System) where we shares our invites among Malaysians worldwide!

At one point, our thread starter boss @Jevoly have about 100 invites being contributed back to thread by all of us Malaysians who enjoys the benefits of information sharing on OnePlus One. Well done to Jevoly and kudos to all OnePlus Malaysians!!!

If you wish to get invite to purchase for OnePlus One international version (please read up before decide to do so whether your heart able to take up the risk and reward), go to Malaysia Fans OnePlus forum thread  read up first page, register and be active and ask for invite from thread starter @Jevoly ! 

For those other than Malaysians, you're welcome to visit OnePlus forum 30 invites up for grabs thread, to earn yourselves an invite by tell us or rather tell BOSS @Jovely by replying the below:

What u should do (Rules):
Tell me where r u from (country)
Tell me more about urself
Tell me why u need the invite and OPO

Remember to visit OnePlus forum 30 invites up for grabs thread

Cheers !

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