Monday, October 06, 2014

WooHoo! Another round of OnePlus SHAREABLE INVITES! - 6 Oct 2014

WooHoo... Another round of OnePlus SHAREABLE INVITES !!! 
As the time past, OnePlus Malaysian Thread members are getting more invites to share / contribute back to our MIS (Malaysia Invite System) where we shares our invites among Malaysians worldwide!

At one point, our thread starter boss @Jevoly have about 100 invites being contributed back to thread by all of us Malaysians who enjoys the benefits of information sharing on OnePlus One. Well done to Jevoly and kudos to all OnePlus Malaysians!!!

If you wish to get invite to purchase for OnePlus One international version (please read up before decide to do so whether your heart able to take up the risk and reward), go to Malaysia Fans OnePlus forum thread  read up first page, register and be active and ask for invite from thread starter @Jevoly ! 

For those other than Malaysians, you're welcome to visit OnePlus forum 30 invites up for grabs thread, to earn yourselves an invite by tell us or rather tell BOSS @Jovely by replying the below:

What u should do (Rules):
Tell me where r u from (country)
Tell me more about urself
Tell me why u need the invite and OPO

Remember to visit OnePlus forum 30 invites up for grabs thread

Cheers !

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