Sunday, August 28, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya from vinann

Greeting! Everyone is having their long holiday! I'm too!

Selamat Hari Raya maad zahir dan batin from Vinann Dot com.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Runners Malaysia - Beginner to running

Runners Malaysia - A group of runners who have their usual short distance of 4 to 6 KM run on every Saturday  7.30am meet up at Bukit Aman Car Park (which at Lake Garden). Sad to mention it here that, due to lack of new beginners joining and everyone are progress to next level, there's only left one or two session runners running this 4 to 6 KM route on Saturday 7.30am. (it's sound bad, but it's a good news for runners)

Glad that saw this photo below posted by Jamie (one of the co-founder of Runners Malaysia together with Mr Wan) in Runners Malaysia Facebook group.

I dont know what's is coming up, but with the title "My First Run Clinic" it's going to be not your ordinary meet and run sessions. :)

So anyone who set their target to run healthy in 2012 next year can follow updates on Runners Malaysia Facebook group for latest development.

Some information and news about Jamie. 
Looks at The Star Newspaper yesterday, 24 August 2011. 

You wont get wrong footage to start your running with Runners Malaysia! 

I'm the living life example! 



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orange Run 2011 @ 24 July 2011

Orange run. It's used to be free on previous year. This year 2011, they charge a nominal charges of RM5.00. Guess the inflation and cost of organising the run is inflate faster than the budget. 

Of all the races, I choose Orange Run, because it's the only run that start from The Curve. :) 

Group photo with Runners Malaysia's founder Mr Wan is on second  from left. 
I was first meet Mr Wan about 3 years back, it's 2008 August when I'm joining Runner's Malaysia Beginner program at Bukit Aman Car Park on Saturday morning 7.30am.  Back then I'm was a "Fat boy" as always mentioned by Mr Wan. Now after 3 years into running I'm the "signature finished product", a graduate from Runner's Malaysia beginner program who just completed 100KM Sundown Ultra Marathon 2011 recently. 
  I'm so happy im able to transform to be a healthier lifestyle which start from Runner's Malaysia. :)  

Cari Runners...

Realised, only 4 Cari Runners i know were joining the race! Where's other?
Oh, welcome new Cari Runners member too... 

Im a happy man with LineBreak "the no nonsense compression" ! 

Jump photo! 

Dutamas Runners ! 

Dutamas Runners !

Orange Run 2011
Its was about 1 month ago.
Last two weeks ago, I sprained my knee and I'm been totally no running at all for the past 2 weeks.

72 days to TMBT. 

Nasi Lemak 辣死你妈!

Nasi Lemak 辣死你妈约会! 哈哈。。。 

24 August 2011 是辣死你妈约会。哈哈。。。

Monday, August 22, 2011

75 days to TMBT

It's  75 days to The Most Beautiful Thing TMBT 100KM single stage Ultra Trail Run. 

It's was a terrible emotional badly affected me on the next day when im wake up with knee pains! I'm trying to be optimistic on my knee pains. Been trying hard. It's was really hard to accept fact for the first few days... 

Thank you my friend who advise me on total rest. I'm feeling better each day. 

The sprained knee pains were reducing each day and this really show a good progress signal. 

R.I.C.E. applied now. 

I must believe my knee will be recovery fast and I'm will be come back to training in a strong form. 

Strong believe will makes its happening!  


The Central Residence was launched over the weekend at Plaza See Hoy Chan, Jalan Raja Chulan. 
It's a SoHo, it's FREEHOLD. 

There are 9 types of design for Central Residence 
S1 (1 room) - 565 sf
S2 (2 rooms) - 731 sf 
S3 (1 room) - 686 sf
S4 (2 rooms) - 762 sf
S5 (2 rooms) - 729 sf 
S6 (2 rooms) - 811 sf
S7 (1 room) - 578 sf 
S8 (3 rooms) - 876 sf
S9 (1room) - 643 sf 

The location of the Central Residence is facing Sg Besi highway and the back is North South Highway. 

Not sure what happened, or what, we were arriving quite late in the afternoon, there's only us and few other customers in the sale gallery. The sale agents were out-number customers. =.='' 
Perhaps the we were really late. 
From the sales charts, most of the units were pasted with pink stickers.... 

Central Residence is developed by Yuk Tung Group and managed by HR Group. 
Sales office: 
19th floor, Plaza See Hoy Chan, Jalan Raja Chulan 502000 KL

Sunday, August 21, 2011


50KM / 100KM


ULTRA RUN - Start 5 Nov 2011.

In FHM magazine. 
Thanks TriStupe for tagging in facebook. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bersih Run & Bersih Makan @ 9 July 2011

On 9th July 2011, I had my solo Bersih Run, running from  my place into the City all around the places.

You can refer my previous Bersih Run posted on 9 July 2011.

The Bersih Run was the morning session that I'm started run since 8.30am and I was rushing to back home for my lunch date with my friends for 12.30pm.  Initially not aware of where and what friend going to bring us for lunch. Just board the car....

In the car, friend said "let's of Pudu for lunch!" I was like: huh... can we able to make it to centre of KL ? So we tried. We tried the main road to Pudu, but Jalan Pudu was block, vehicles were not allowed to enter. So detour.

And the next movement, we were in front of Pavilion traffic light ! It's so empty.

Only few cars and one of them was us. wahaha.... This is the most empty period in Jalan Bukit Bintang. 
It's seem inside the KL city centre, there's no road blocks! we were driving around freely around the Bukit Bintang area and Pudu. Of course, we did not drive near to Stadium Merdeka & Puduraya but we do passby Pudu Jail on our way to Pudu ! Guess our timing just right! The march not yet forming!  

Our Bersih Makan lunch place! It's quite empty... 

The kitchen of the restaurant. 

Bruppppp.....  we were so satisfy with our lunch. Everyone is joining Bersih rally / gathering / march while we were enjoying our peaceful lunch... wahaha... 
Why so susah payah go to such crowded places! 

When we were leaving it's raining! We were back at Jln Pudu main road again and head back to KL.
When we about to reach Pudu jail, we were some people was running, the crowd was start to move...
We were lucky, we just drive through and the crowd not yet fully occupied the road.
We were back to Setapak without any road blocks again!

 End of my Bersih Run & Bersih Makan on 9th July 2011. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 CapSquare By BRDB

It's was a Sunday sunshine morning. Yes, it's was sunshine for me to run 21KM from Bukit Aman to Hartamas and back  start at 6.00am. It's was a running powered by Chia Seed try.  The sky become dark around 9.00am.

Was rushing back to home and subsequent went to Royal Selangor for breakfast while meet up with another friends.

On evening, we visited 6 CapSquare by Bandar Raya Development Berhad (BRDB) which located opposite Capital Square Mall... which I'm used to visit previously. :)

The construction of 6CapSqua are in the progress... 

From front of Capital Square... 


To my surprises, Capital Square Mall, all the shops were closed for renovation / moving / refurnish whatever you can name.
It's going to be another digital theme mall....
The only merchants operating now are TGV Cinemas & Starbucks (Inside Cap Squa mall) 


All above were not our main objectives today, but we are visiting 6 Cap Squa ! 

It's located at Capital Square Mall... It's totally another market from KLCC area.
Worth to explore. 

For the 1st time, I'm visiting BRDB developments. It's were something new that I'm learn from the developer developments. It's awesome! 

The sale gallery at Cap Square which below Clark Hatch fitness building. 

At the point when we visit, only few units left... hurry! 

To be honest, since I'm started visiting properties, i found 6 Cap Squa design is my favourite! 
Every rooms, living rooms have balcony ! 

Balcony ! Balcony! Balcony! 

Visited on 31 July 2011.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Royal Selangor on 31 July 2011

Having breakfast at Royal Selangor with friend after my running powered by Chia Seed.

Initially we were waiting for another 2 friends to come over to join us for breakfast. So how, so where, they got lost on the way and not able to join us for breakfast.

As for me, 1st thing in mind was to fill up my stomach since I ran 21KM and still have not eaten anything yet. I need food for recovery.

This is the coffee pot. It's different from the tea pot. hehe....
Love to cam-whore with the pot !

My breakfast ! Although it's might looks normal, but the environment, breakfast with friend, its does makes a big different. Anyway, I'm hungry! :)

The tea pot........ 

Somehow, I'm so hungry that I were ordered Breakfast & lunch together. While lunch was only serve at 11.30am onward. But since I'm "regular" the staff managed to give me "Roasted Chicken & Chips" at 11.00am! :) 

My hungry-ness, my appetite were so big on that day, I suspect was Chia Seed. Since I'm not having any energy gel but only chia seed at 10th KM point, all the energy provided by Chia Seed. When my body is relax and rest, that's where the empty-ness need to re-filled. 

As usual, each visits to Royal Selangor Pewter Visitor Centre, a pack of postcards for my Postcrossing.

The Twins at Royal Selangor Pewter.

Love it.

Wondering. Need some of your feedback.
Before feedback read this:
Royal Selangor Visitor Centre

At least it's gives you what's inside the Royal Selangor Factory.

Royal Selangor Pewter is one of successful home grown brand with their hard work and there's everyday thousand of tourists visiting the Visitor Centre  at Setapak. But why we as local Malaysia never visits RS ? 
Have you ever visited Royal Selangor Pewter Factory at Setapak? 

Share your experience.

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