Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orange Run 2011 @ 24 July 2011

Orange run. It's used to be free on previous year. This year 2011, they charge a nominal charges of RM5.00. Guess the inflation and cost of organising the run is inflate faster than the budget. 

Of all the races, I choose Orange Run, because it's the only run that start from The Curve. :) 

Group photo with Runners Malaysia's founder Mr Wan is on second  from left. 
I was first meet Mr Wan about 3 years back, it's 2008 August when I'm joining Runner's Malaysia Beginner program at Bukit Aman Car Park on Saturday morning 7.30am.  Back then I'm was a "Fat boy" as always mentioned by Mr Wan. Now after 3 years into running I'm the "signature finished product", a graduate from Runner's Malaysia beginner program who just completed 100KM Sundown Ultra Marathon 2011 recently. 
  I'm so happy im able to transform to be a healthier lifestyle which start from Runner's Malaysia. :)  

Cari Runners...

Realised, only 4 Cari Runners i know were joining the race! Where's other?
Oh, welcome new Cari Runners member too... 

Im a happy man with LineBreak "the no nonsense compression" ! 

Jump photo! 

Dutamas Runners ! 

Dutamas Runners !

Orange Run 2011
Its was about 1 month ago.
Last two weeks ago, I sprained my knee and I'm been totally no running at all for the past 2 weeks.

72 days to TMBT. 

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