Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Running powered by Chia Seed

On this wonderful sunshine Sunday morning on 31 July 2011, as usual, it's LSD for me. When arrival saw Sifu and James chit-chating!
Guess what, newbie James signed up 2 marathons back to back for Penang Bridge International marathon in Nov and followed by Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in early December 2011 ! Well done!

Sifu "brainstroming" James on marathon tips... "You can ran 42KM and come back safely if you follow me"!
It's sifu's famous quote.  

Gathering? nah... we were waiting before start running... 

This condo, I'm been wanted to snap the photos for a long long time, and today, I'm finally got the chance to snap photo while I'm  run passs.... 

Palazzio Sunway!  

Okay, here come the main topic of the day. I'm been consuming chia seed since April, and I'm only consume it together with my Nescafe 3 in 1 together with my oat. It's been always my way to consume it in the morning as breakfast before im leaving house. 

It's me, having the chia seed plain directly into the mouth... i can feel it's expanding like sago... 

But recently, a friend of my gave me some links about Chia seed, and realized the method im consume Chia seed is WRONG! 

After had the Chia seed, resume back to running back to Bukit Aman. Normally, usually I will start to feel hungry if I did not consume any power gel / dark chocolate / kit kat at 10th km Petronas point.
When im were having my Chia seed, i'm 1st feel some hungry-ness is kicking in and im sip some water from my hydration pack and after around 20minutes I'm totally energized !

I'm able to run like normal speed until reached at the Bukit Aman clocked 21KM.

Great! Chia seed can be my power gel substitute !
On 31 July 2011 Sunday LSD run, I'm only consume Chia Seed and plain water. No any energy foods or gels.

Next week, which was last weekend (3 Aug), I will blog about Chia Seed + energy gel.
Stay Tune.  

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